Rumor: Apex Legends May Introduce New Arena Mode

A new story is about to unfold for Apex Legends, as the upcoming seventh season of the free-to-play battle royale is expected to go live on November 10, 2020. Players have already been pretty excited about the new content that’s said to arrive in Season 7, but it appears that Respawn Entertainment has a lot more up its sleeves.

There have been rumors circulating that not only will Skull Town make a potential comeback, but a prominent dataminer claims that the developer will be introducing a new “Arena” mode to Apex Legends.

This information was reported by one of Apex Legends’ most reliable dataminer, Shrugtal, who is responsible for countless other leaks regarding the title. According to the dataminer, Apex Legends’ files for the 6.1 patch added a code that is meant to support UI slots found on the alleged Arena Mode’s “Play” menu.

In line with this, Shrugtal says that it’s highly possible that their findings could indicate that Respawn will be adding a much smaller yet similar mode wherein players get to train or warm-up before playing an actual round.


What’s even more interesting is that Shrugtal mentioned that Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts did previously state that they wanted to bring back the popular Skull Town. As such, the dataminer continued theorizing by saying that perhaps this is the developer’s way of bringing back Skull Town.

After all, a Skull Town-only map with a few Squads seem interesting enough. That being said, it’s worth remembering that the studio itself hasn’t made any announcements regarding a new Arena Mode just yet.

As such, it’s best to regard this information with skepticism at least until there’s an official announcement. However, Apex Legends players have been requesting Respawn for new content like this for the longest time, so it would be great if the studio came through for the fans.

If Shrugtal’s report is proven to be true though, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing if the alleged new Arena Mode will be introduced in the upcoming seventh season or perhaps at a later time.

In other news, Apex Legends fans have been giddy with excitement for the release of Season 7, which will take place in a few weeks. As a result, fans have been busy working on fan-made creations.

One fan, in particular, created a trailer that features one of the most wholesome characters you’ll find on Apex Legends’ roster: Pathfinder. The fan-made trailer initially takes place in what appears to be a workshop, where an amiable Pathfinder wakes up to an empty room. The only clue Pathfinder has to go on is a note that suddenly appeared, with the name “Marvin” written on it.

In line with this, Respawn Entertainment received a lot of backlash from fans when it didn’t plan on adding Forge, Marvin’s creator, to the roster of Legends. However, Respawn explained its side through game designer Daniel Klein by saying that Forge could never work in Apex Legends because he is a melee character.

After all, Apex Legends is a game that involves guns and shooting, so it wouldn’t make sense for him to be included as a Legend.

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