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Samsung has recently unveiled its new Sensor OLED Display that has the power to recognize fingerprints anywhere on a screen and even check your blood pressure. The unveiling happened at SID Display Week 2023 in Los Angeles, which started on May 21st and is concluding this May 26th. 

The new Samsung Sensor OLED Display can measure a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels simply with the touch of two fingers. So, you can use this device while watching a horror movie to find out if the film is too scary for you if your blood pressure begins to spike up. 

Prevent heart attack

“To accurately measure a person’s blood pressure, it is necessary to measure to blood pressure of both arms,“ Samsung’s official promo for the Society for Information Display’s (SID) Display Week 2023 stated. “The Sensor OLED display can simultaneously sense the fingers of both hands, providing more accurate health information than existing wearable devices.”

The Samsung Sensor OLED Display recreates the traditional fingerprint sensors built for tablets and smartphones. This is because the device is part of the screen instead of being a stand-alone component.  

Here’s how it works. The display embeds a light-sensing organic photodiode (OPD) into the panel of the screen. You can thus use it to measure your heart rate, stress level, and blood pressure. Do the measurement simply by placing two fingers on the designated slot. Then, wait for the device to collect your vital signs. The OLED light reflects differently based on the relaxation and contraction of your fingers’ blood vessels. 

The device’s OPD then recognizes these changes and converts these into health information. The Sensor OLED Display is so far the first to utilize panel technology that has the capability to sense fingerprints and biometric data at the same time. 

It can therefore help a lot if a person is suffering from a heart condition and watching a horror movie. They can place their fingers on the device while watching the flick to warn them if their heart rate is spiking. 

As a result, with this new device from Samsung, you can prevent having a heart attack. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around almost 700,000 people in the United States died from heart disease in 2021, and that’s one in every five deaths. 

Indeed, Samsung never fails to impress. 

The best of Samsung

Meanwhile, in other Samsung news, the company revealed on its global newsroom page the successful conclusion of its event held on May 16th that gathered together Samsung Members Stars, the term for Samsung ambassadors, and #TeamGalaxy influencers from 15 countries worldwide. 

During the event, the participants got the opportunity to experience “the essence of Samsung” at various sites in South Korea, such as in Suwon, where the Samsung Innovation Museum and Samsung Digital City are. 

“With the theme of ‘Connect,’ the trip aimed to strengthen the bonds between the participants, the Samsung brand and Galaxy while creating an engaging and interactive space for everyone involved,” Samsung stated. 

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