Sea of Thieves Adds New Sails to Raise Funds for Cancer Research

Sea of Thieves is known to include new and exciting content that makes your gameplay experience more fun than it already is. During the last update, for example, the pirate-themed title added dogs to the game, among other things.

This time around, Sea of Thieves will be selling new, flashy in-game sails called the Sails of Union, which are sails that will provide you with light during the darkest of times. What’s more, all of the proceeds from these sails will go to Stand Up to Cancer, a charity dedicated to cancer research.

If you’re feeling quite generous, or if you simply like the overall design of the sails, feel free to purchase the Sails of Union for your ships as you will also be supporting a wonderful charity in the process.

They are currently available for purchase on both Steam and the Microsoft Store for £4.99/$5.99 USD.

It’s actually quite common for video games to team up with charity campaigns. For instance, we have the Fall Guys charity contest called “Battle of the Brands” which took place in August. Hack-and-slack RPG Children of Morta also previously partnered with the Humane Society International charity.

The Sails of Union were created to be appealing to the players, as it has a unique feature that other sails don’t have. More specifically, the sails were specifically made to work alongside Sea of Thieves’ night and day cycles.

When it’s daytime, the sails will have a bright yellow color, while the sail’s banner features three intersecting black arrows. However, when it’s nighttime, the sails will begin to light up like stars. In the sea of darkness, the sails will look like a constellation.

To give you a brief overview of the campaign, Stand Up to Cancer is a charitable program by the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) that is committed to finding new and effective cancer treatments.

This program helps with the funding of multi-institutional researchers as they undertake extensive cancer research as well as spread awareness about its debilitating impact on people and their daily lives.

As mentioned, all the sales made from Sea of Thieves’ Sails of Union will directly go to this wonderful charity and will help fund the program’s efforts. As for the game itself, this wouldn’t be the first time that Sea of Thieves donated to charity.

In the past, developer Rare sold items in-game that could only be purchased with real-world money, and all the proceeds from that went to SpecialEffect, a charity based in the UK that is dedicated to helping physically-disabled individuals play video games.

Similar to this charity campaign, the in-game items sold back then were also pirate sails called the Noble Pathfinder Sails. You could say that the campaign was a success since Rare was able to raise $76,000.

Partnering with Sea of Thieves was definitely a good move for Stand Up to Cancer, as millions of people play the title. Without a doubt, the game is a great avenue that ensures that many people will know more about the charity itself.

You can purchase the Sails of Union from now until November 6, 2020.

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