With the Seagate Game Drive for PlayStation consoles, you can store your favorite games better than ever before. This game drive for PlayStation consoles is offered to you right now with up to $7.50 savings when you shop this at Best Buy. 

Embrace and experience the expansive storage of Seagate’s Game Drive. Officially licensed for PlayStation gaming consoles, this HDD works seamlessly with your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Easily archive your PlayStation 5 games, as well as games in your PlayStation 4, directly from your HDD. And with its massive add-on storage, you can expand your Game Vault without sacrificing and compromising titles.

Let’s dig deeper into its features. 

With its 2TB storage capacity, you can build your Game Vault with over 30 PlayStation 5 games and more than 50 PlayStation 4 games. 

Full-speed gaming is totally yours with its high-speed USB 3.2 Gen 1(USB 3.0) connectivity. This way, you never miss a beat. 

This storage is PS5-ready. Store all your PS5 games and transfer them quickly to your console when it is time to play. The same thing happens if you own a PS4.

Since it is officially licensed for PlayStation consoles, it is built with matching firmware to seamlessly work on both PS5 and PS4 out of the box. How about that?

No tools are required. Launch into action with an easy plug-and-play setup for installation and gaming in under two minutes.

And it is completely portable. Bring this wherever you go.

Its height is 0.4 inches, while its width is 2.99 inches. It weighs 4.8 ounces.

See the deal here. Shop this now at Best Buy.

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