Japanese multinational company Sharp has been lagging behind in the TV production industry in the United States for several years now compared to its competitors, but that might change soon.

Sharp, which is still headquartered in Japan but has been majority-owned by Chinese manufacturing giant Foxconn since 2016, has unveiled its plans to sell a Roku-powered 4K OLED TV in the United States in the spring of 2023. 

It is making history. Why? It could be the first opportunity for consumers to purchase a Roku TV with an OLED panel. Sharp will also introduce its latest mini-LED-powered QLED TV, the AQUOS XLED.

“AQUOS XLED represents a new generation in innovation for image quality, sound quality, and design. It was first launched in Japan in December 2021 and entered Grand China markets, where it garnered high praise,” the official press release from Sharp said. 

There are few details on both these TVs for now. But, according to the press release, Sharp is looking at selling its OLED TV in 55- and 65-inch screen sizes. It will be powered by the Roku smart TV OS, as will Sharp’s entry-level LCD TVs, which will be on the market in 50-, 55-, 65-, and 75-inch sizes. 

The AQUOS XLED has a lot of good features. The press release added that it was developed based on the latest model of the EP1 lineup in Japan. 

This smart TV uses Xtreme mini LED technology, which provides a control for the dark and light by dividing mini LEDs (which are laid at higher density as its backlight) into over 2,000 areas.

It also features the Deep Chrome QD technology, an innovation that uses quantum dot technology to convert the backlight’s wavelength. This way, it can enable a highly pure generation of the three primary colors – red, green, and blue – achieving priceless brightness and contrast, as well as a wide color gamut. 

Combining its images with its high-performance speakers on the top and bottom of the screen, the viewer will immerse in the acoustics, practically taking them into the on-screen experience. 

Plus, the pre-installed Google TV allows the enjoyment of a wide range of services and applications.

Sharp said the new AQUOS XLED would undergo a series of launches in Mexico, Canada, China, Southeast Asian countries, and Middle East regions beginning this spring.

This news of Sharp’s Roku OLED TV comes just days after Roku announced it had crafted a reference design for Roku-powered OLED TVs and that it is intended to begin making its own TVs. 

However, this is not Sharp’s first OLED TV. The company has been selling OLED-based models within the AQUOS OLED line for several years in Japan and other markets. We are unsure if Sharp will also call its United States version AQUOS OLED.

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