Protecting your phone against drops and other damage is possible when you have a screen protector. If you are looking for the perfect screen protector compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max, look no further than the Shishae brand. 

Shishae offers a screen protector for iPhone 13 Pro Max on Amazon with a 67 percent discount. The details are here. 

This incredible screen protector comes from Shishae, a brand that adheres to the concept of providing affordable and high-quality products for every consumer. This company is dedicated to cell phones and accessories products such as tempered glass screen protectors and more. They will bring you comprehensive, top-notch quality, convenient, and creative life experience.

This screen protector is specially designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max and will not fit other phone models. 

It is a 9H hardness tempered glass which is why it can offer maximum protection for your phones against scratches, scrapes, and bumps. 

Furthermore, the HD screen does not affect the use of the flash and camera, and the surface of the phone protective film is coated, which is very smooth, effectively reducing fingerprints left by sweat and grease, making the screen very easy to clean.

These screen protectors for iPhone 13 Pro Max are made of 0.33mm tempered glass, maintaining 99.99 percent response sensitivity and touch, restoring bare machine feel with an edge that feels smooth and keeps the phone away from scratches, plus the user can play games more smoothly.

It is easy to install and clean. Simply wipe off the grease on the phone’s surface with an alcohol wipe, wipe the alcohol with a vacuum cleaner, hold the sides with both hands, slowly put it down vertically, and finally press the screen protector with your hand from top to bottom.

Customers on Amazon are loving it. One customer, Ron Foskin, said this product has great quality and it comes with free shipping.

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