Smash Bros Ultimate’s Sephiroth Is Capable Of Inflicting 59,000 Damage

Last month, it was revealed that Final Fantasy 7’s fan-favorite antagonist, Sephiroth, was joining the coveted Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster of playable characters as a DLC fighter. Now that over a month has passed since his reveal, fans are now beginning to discover just how powerful he is.

Based on experimentation, it turns out that Sephiroth is stronger than we would have ever thought. If you specifically follow a checklist to ensure that everything has been set up correctly, the villain is capable of dealing incredible damage in just one hit—up to 59,000% to be specific.

Sephiroth’s addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s already jam-packed roster was initially announced during The Game Awards 2020, much to the fans’ surprise and delight. The announcement video featured a scene that was probably the most-talked about moment of last year’s event—a scene that showcases Sephiroth supposedly piercing Nintendo’s Mario with his sharp longsword.


Last year’s The Game Awards was definitely a night to remember for fans of the silver-haired villain, as Sephiroth and Cloud were also under the spotlight for another game in that event. Specifically, Final Fantasy 7 Remake was nominated for Best RPG category, and then consequently won.

Sephiroth’s limelight didn’t end there, though. Nintendo also released a video showcasing all of his skills and abilities on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as presented by game director Masahiro Sakurai. Given all this information, there’s still so much that fans can learn about the beloved villain.

For example, YouTuber Nintendo Unity recently uploaded a step-by-step video explaining what you need to do in order for Sephiroth to deal damage up to 59,000% with just one strike. However, the process is complex and there are a lot of things you need to set up first before such power can be achieved.

For one thing, the video says that the best move to use for this is Sephiroth’s Gigaflare attack. Apparently, using this attack on your enemy in a 1v1 setting will more or less deal a base of 47% damage. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, that’s not necessarily the case.

The video lasts 8 minutes long, and it fully details what you need to do in order for that Gigaflare to reach its peak performance. You need to utilize a specific stage, rival, items, check the necessary settings, and more.

Even though there’s still so much to learn about Sephiroth, the Super Smash Bros. community is already discussing and speculating which character will be the next one to join the roster. There have been rumors recently stating that perhaps characters from the Tales franchise will be the next ones in line.

In fact, there’s one leak that specifically features Tales of Symphonia’s Lloyd Irving and Tales of Vesperia’s Yuri Lowell. At this point, we can’t gauge the verity of this leak, as there were some leaked DLC fighters in the past who never saw the light of day.

Although Nintendo has been on a roll in introducing new fighters to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s already massive roster, we don’t think that fans will ever get enough of these new characters. We’re not complaining though—keep them coming, Nintendo!

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