SMITE Adds New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Skins

In a recent announcement, Hi-Rez Studios revealed that SMITE and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be having a crossover in the form of new skins, allowing fans to play the online battle arena as their favorite Ninja Turtle.

Unsurprisingly, Hi-Rez really went all-out when it came to ensuring that fans took a trip down memory lane, even going so far as to use the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song in the trailer.

Long-time SMITE fans know that the title has had a long history of bizarre and unexplainable crossovers. For instance, SMITE previously collaborated with RWBY and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

That being said, the fans have no complaints about these random crossovers, in fact, you could even say that they love it. As such, Hi-Rez keeps the silliness coming, this time with a TMNT collaboration.


In this new event, SMITE fans will have four different skins to choose from, each skin portraying a different Ninja Turtle. Although if you want more options, the prestige track offers alternate skins for each.

These skins are known as Radical skins and if you look at them, they are more similar to the early animated appearances of these Ninja Turtles. That being said, each of these skins can also be used along with a certain character.

For instance, using Leonardo will give players Osiris’ abilities and powers. The specific character for Donatello is Sun Wukong who is another character that uses the bo staff, while Raphael is represented by Loki.

Last but not least, fans of the Ninja Turtle Michelangelo will be able to use Mercury’s powers. With the help of his skateboard, he can easily keep up with the God of Speed’s swift movement and capabilities.

That being said, the response to this has been quite mixed, as some fans are wondering why Hi-Rez didn’t just use the Japanese Turtle God, Kuzenbo, as the base for at least one of the characters.


Aside from that though, fans are quite excited about this crossover in general, although some are starting to notice a pattern in SMITE’s collaborations. More specifically, Avatar: The Last Airbender was SMITE’s last major collaboration. Just like with TMNT, this is another franchise that Nickelodeon owns.

As such, fans have been jokingly theorizing that SMITE and Nickelodeon have some kind of unannounced deal, and more crossovers from that network will probably take place soon. A couple of popular requests in the trailer’s comment section include highly-amusing ones such as Drake and Josh, as well as Spongebob.

However, some fans have gone wild with their predictions, such as iCarly and Power Rangers.

On a different note, Shredder and Splinter were not included in the reveal trailer, but it has been confirmed that both will be making its way to SMITE as well since the game’s official Twitter account posted pictures of the two.

Hi-Rez hasn’t revealed who the base characters will be, but players are theorizing that Splinter will be represented by Hachiman, while Shredder will be a Ravana skin. If you are interested to know for sure, SMITE will be revealing this information on Wednesday during TMNT’s update show.

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