Snap announced a new generative capability for its My AI feature on Snapchat, which should now be able to send users a Snap in response to the ones they sent. Unfortunately, while My AI is available to everyone for free, the new capability is only limited to Snapchat+ subscribers.

The release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT attracted big tech companies. For Microsoft, it resulted in its revamped Bing and Edge, which can now generate images. The software company, nonetheless, is not the only one benefiting from ChatGPT. Other companies also integrated the model into their products. One of them is Snap, which introduced its My AI chatbot feature on Snapchat in February. And now, the company announced that it can finally respond to Snap images sent by users.

According to Snap, My AI will be able to respond to these Snaps with its own AI-generated Snaps. Snap said that the AI-generated image responses should be relevant to users. The company even made a promising note in its post, saying you can send the bot your “latest grocery haul,” and it “might recommend a recipe.”

Despite this thrilling capability, like other tech companies, Snap still wants its users to be careful in using AI in its products. As the company stressed, “mistakes may occur” despite how the bot is designed, adding users should not rely on it for pieces of advice. Also, the company said that the user’s messages would be stored “to improve the product experience.” That includes Snap images. With this, users may need to think twice before sending their own photos or pictures that are something personal.

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