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Each year the gaming industry is creating and publishing new content. New games flooding the market are vastly diverse, bringing fresh content and exciting new opportunities. Some of those games manage to attract quite a fanbase. And more often than not, these fans continue to return to the game even years after it first came out.

The main reason these games are able to reach such a success is their unique and original content. But other reasons, such as post-release content, regular patches and excellent support also play a huge role. To prove a point, we’ve selected some of the games that were released well before 2020 but still hold their place in terms of popularity. Definitely make sure to grab a cheap glass bong for sale from an online headshop like Everything for 420 to get in the zone!


This hero-based first-person shooter came out way back in 2016. Since then, however, the content of this extremely engaging game only continued to evolve. With such a plethora of playing styles, this game rallied up a community of players who simply didn’t want to let it go. The addictive gameplay and amazing graphics are just some of the things that kept this game alive for so long. The community behind Overwatch created numerous subreddits and discords, as well as an ever-growing Wiki page. Since they’ve recognized what they’ve managed to accomplish, the game developers announced Overwatch 2. Keep in mind, however, that Overwatch 2 will probably be an entirely different game. However, that doesn’t stop current players from enjoying this amazing game.


There are plenty of gamers that simply roll their eyes when Fortnite is mentioned. But that doesn’t change the fact that it became almost an overnight phenomenon. Released in 2017, Fortnite managed to reach 78.3 active players in just three short years. Aside from the enticing gameplay and amazing visual effects, players also get to enjoy regular tweaks. With the content that’s constantly growing and evolving, players simply can’t seem to get enough of this game.


A real blast from the past, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still going strong. Ever since 2012 when it was first released, CS: GO managed to attract a wide variety of players. No matter if you prefer competitive or casual gaming, CS: GO has got your back. Moreover, CS: GO has become one of the most popular competitive esports games. What this means is that the game not only offers fun but also an opportunity to monetize your gaming skills. This, aside from gameplay, is one of the key reasons CS: GO will probably stick around for many years to come.

Guild Wars 2

When it first came out in 2012, Guild Wars 2 was titled the “WoW killer”. And considering the success WoW still has to this day, this was a pretty big thing. To this day, GW2 still boasts amazing 1.5 million active players, which is simply awesome for an MMORPG. The team behind GW2 is constantly working to deliver new content and actually listen to their player’s feedback. However, there have been some issues GW2 had with their loot boxes. In the game, players can purchase Black Lion Keys – with real-life money – that are used to open Black Lion Chests. These chests contain random prizes and are RNG based. That’s why some countries banned this option. Since similar types of loot boxes in gaming usually require real currency, some countries feel like purchasing them goes against their gambling laws. Regardless of the fact, the GW2 community is still going strong and players are looking forward to the newly-announced expansion.

World of Warcraft

The mother of all MMORPGs, World of Warcraft is certainly the oldest game on our list. Even though it was released back in 2004, WoW counts well over 7 million active players to this day. Considering the 15 years of constant updates, it becomes quite clear why this game is still very popular. The community of players widely ranges in age, with even some players introducing their own children to this amazing game. Unless the devs suddenly decide to abandon ship, it’s safe to assume that players will be able to enjoy WoW for many years to come.

League of Legends

Last but certainly not least comes League of Legends, or LoL for short. Released back in 2009, LoL was called the successor of DOTA2. And even though DOTA2 is still thriving, the title of the most popular MOBA belongs to LoL now. With 115 million active monthly players and 146 distinct champions to choose from, players simply fell in love with this game. The 5v5 combat mode requires skill and team play, which is probably why this game managed to build such a strong community. And thanks to the developers who tweak the game frequently, the meta is also constantly changing.

If you’ve noticed one thing all of these games have in common, that’s probably a strong community behind them. Developers who manage to create a game that encourages such behavior can rest assured knowing that they did good. The more engaging and challenging the game is, the more positive feedback it will receive. And not only that, but you can rest assured that it will be enjoyed long after its original release.