Apple and PlayStation Team Up To Provide Free Apple TV For PS5 Owners

Sony has announced a collaboration between its current-gen system and Apple, stating that PS5 owners would receive a free six-month subscription to Apple TV+, which will offer access to key games such as Ted Lasso, See, and Foundation. Apple’s $4.99-per-month subscription service has a growing library of science fiction and drama movies and is beginning to establish itself in the streaming industry.

Sony is putting forth a lot of effort to compete with Xbox’s Game Pass subscription program. According to one internet rumor, Netflix and PlayStation are collaborating. Dataminers discovered PlayStation-related pictures in Netflix’s app code, however, it’s unclear what the relationship would entail.

Aside from a prospective Netflix deal, Sony has been beefing up its film and television production lines, creating material based on its enormous collection of exclusives. The firm is now working on a new huge deal with a major corporation.


PlayStation 5 users will be able to get 6 months of Apple TV+ for free starting July 22. Any PS5 user with a valid PlayStation Network account and an Apple ID is eligible for the special offer. From now until July 22, 2022, the offer can be redeemed at any time.

The offer includes a 6-month free trial of Apple TV+, but the subscription renews at the $4.99 per month pricing point. PS5 gamers can terminate their subscription at any time, but after the 6-month trial period expires, they will be charged the monthly price.

Apple TV+ is in a crowded field, but it’s starting to stand out as a streaming service. Apple TV+ is becoming a key contender in the congested TV streaming business, with critically praised titles like Ted Lasso and See, as well as future releases like Coda and Foundation.


Despite persistent stock difficulties and aggressive scalpers, Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been a huge success. Sony is hoping that by providing a free trial of Apple TV+ to its fortunate buyers, the streaming service will gain even more traction.

It’s only natural that Apple TV+ would find a home on the PlayStation 5. Original shows like Mythic Quest, which follows a video game production team and is expected to appeal to PS5 customers, are currently available on the site.

Aside from being a fantastic collaboration, the package gives PlayStation fans a chance to test out the streaming service before committing to another membership. This is especially true for PS5 owners, who have the option of signing up for PS Now, PS Plus, or one of the many other streaming services available on the next-gen system.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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