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Sony Playstation co-inventor Ken Kutaragi recently criticized the idea of the metaverse, which is a new technology that countless companies are currently striving to push. During an interview with Bloomberg, Kutaragi expressed his opinion regarding the metaverse:


If you’re up-to-date with the goings-on in the crypto and metaverse space, you’re probably aware that Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is pushing for the metaverse too. The company rebranded a few months ago to try and expand its horizons outside of social media, which is why the tech giant has been working hard in developing equipment that interested people can use for complete immersion within the metaverse. For instance, Meta is working on a new VR headset and haptic gloves for total immersion.

Kutaragi Has a Hybrid Concept of the Metaverse in Mind

For Kutaragi, applying Augmented Reality techniques is the way to go for a more immersive experience, especially since it blends the real world with virtual reality assets. This concept is essentially a hybrid version of the metaverse we know today, which is all about incorporating holograms and the like to the real world we live in. Ascent is currently working on this kind of technology, a company that Kutaragi is the CEO of.

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However, it would be nearly impossible to integrate this kind of hybrid technology without the need for equipment or gear that users put on. Notably, Kutaragi isn’t a big fan of such gear, including the use of headsets.


The inventor isn’t the only one to criticize the metaverse, though. Even Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently had critical views of the metaverse’s current state. To Musk, the term is merely only a buzzword, but he acknowledges that he’s excited about what new ideas other companies can bring to the table in the future.

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