Fed up from the time-consuming downloads that occupy so much storage space in your PlayStation? That dilemma will soon end with the new cloud streaming beta for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers. 

Sony introduced a cloud streaming beta for its PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers, which supports up to 4K resolution. This feature aims to offer support for PlayStation Plus catalog titles, game trials, and digital PlayStation 5 titles gamers own. It will also help PlayStation owners get away from time-consuming downloads that usually eat up so much storage space. 

PlayStation sent email invitations to selected testers, expressing how they are looking forward to this new offer and also thanking the testers for their help. This beta period uses exclusive invite codes to ensure that access is limited only to invited users. The email also says that specific features may undergo particular changes before the cloud streaming’s official launch. 

During testing, a gamer shared their experience playing “God of War Ragnarök” with no issues while the cloud streaming was up. They were also able to enjoy resolutions ranging from 720p to 2160p. They also noted how games like “Returnal” flawlessly streamed in 4K. They also mentioned a new section in the PlayStation Plus menu dedicated to streaming PlayStation 5 games, where users can quickly load their chosen game. 

The 4K resolution feature that this cloud streaming offers is way better than Xbox Cloud Gaming, which supports a maximum resolution of 1080p and 60fps. 

PlayStation Plus is a monthly subscription service that paves the way for online and multiplayer play for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games. This is needed so gamers can play the vast majority of games online, except for some free-to-play titles. PlayStation Plus began several years ago, initially launching the service for PlayStation 3. 

Premium is one of the subscription tiers in PlayStation Plus, alongside Extra and Essential. Premium’s features include monthly games, online multiplayer, exclusive discounts, and more.

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