Square Enix Announces New Tomb Raider Game

It’s been a while since there’s been any news about the Tomb Raider franchise. While there has been recent news regarding the next film adaptation of the series, Square Enix hasn’t made any announcements about a new Tomb Raider video game – that is, until recently.

A few hours ago, Square Enix published a teaser trailer for a brand-new game called Tomb Raider Reloaded on its official YouTube channel. Even though the teaser only lasts for a few seconds, it’s quite obvious what kind of game it’s going to be.

Instead of getting a full console release, fans of Tomb Raider will be able to experience Lara Croft’s adventures on mobile devices this 2021. Tomb Raider Reloaded features a stylized cartoony version of the classic Lara Croft from the original Tomb Raider games. As such, the Lara Croft in this upcoming title is one that we haven’t seen in quite a while.

Since the trailer hasn’t reached a minute, there’s not a lot we can glean in terms of gameplay. Although, it’s safe to assume that Tomb Raider Reloaded will separate itself from both the latest film adaptations and modern video game titles.

Given how the trailer showcases a huge T-Rex, which is an obvious reference to the much-older Tomb Raider games, we expect Reloaded to be a light-hearted and casual game you can play on the go. Besides this information though, its gameplay is still up in the air, as we’re unsure if we’ll be getting an endless runner type game or a top-down shooter.

That being said, this wouldn’t be the first time that Lara Croft found her way to mobile platforms. Lara Craft Go was released in 2015, which is a mobile game that focused on strategy and solving puzzles.

Even though the kind of game it’s going to be is still up in the air, the game’s title along with the fact that Lara uses her iconic dual-wield pistols in the trailer could be a clue that Tomb Raider Reloaded will have a more action-packed style of gameplay.

This is purely speculation though, as we still don’t know for certain how the game will play. In any case, we’re definitely excited to see what Emerald City Games has planned for the mobile title.


That being said, it’s great that the Tomb Raider franchise has awoken from its dormancy. Fans will be able to enjoy some Lara Croft content next year while waiting for any news regarding Tomb Raider’s mainline series.

With Crystal Dynamics focusing their time and attention on Marvel’s Avengers’ upcoming DLC, it will probably be a while before a new mainline entry will be announced. For now, fans will have to settle for a cartoon version of Lara Croft as she goes on a dinosaur-filled adventure this 2021.

One great thing about Tomb Raider Reloaded is that it will be a free-to-play title. In other words, players won’t need to drop a single penny in order for them to get the full Tomb Raider Reloaded experience.

It may not be the announcement fans wanted, but it seems like a great game to pass the time with.

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