Star Wars Hunters New Cinematic Trailer Released

While many fans await the uncertain release date of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, another Star Wars game for the Nintendo Switch appears to be gradually encouraging gamers to check out the video game via social media. Star Wars: Hunters has released a new video on YouTube, and this time, the cinematic footage shows how the game’s many characters move and interact inside the fight arena environment.

Last February, at the Nintendo Direct, Star Wars: Hunters was first shown to the public. A very small teaser trailer for the game was published around that time. The title of the game, as well as the first cast of characters, were revealed in the teaser.


Since then, the official website for the game has been updated with new information. Players may now see the names and backgrounds of the many characters, as well as receive updates on the game’s progress, such as the release of a new cinematic trailer, via the same online portal.

The Star Wars: Hunters development team posted a two-minute video on the official Nintendo YouTube channel. The video is a spectacular demonstration of the weaponry, strategies, and interactions between each of the playable characters as they battle it out in The Arena, the game’s location.

Given that the multiplayer action is intended to be team-based, with four members per squad, seeing how each individual character moves and fights against one another will be crucial in attracting players to the game. The clip closes with a glimpse of the battlegrounds, implying that several venues will be placed on a single planet in the franchise’s enormous universe.

YouTube video

Unfortunately, nothing in the Star Wars: Hunters teaser clip shows precisely how the real-time gameplay will work. Given that the game was only revealed in early 2021, interested gamers will have to wait a little longer to learn more about the actual in-game experience. Fans will also notice that Star Wars: Hunters’ initial release date has been pushed back from 2021 to 2022, with no specific release date mentioned by the production team.

On the other hand, Star Wars fans are likely to be ecstatic to see a more expansive version of the franchise’s world. The fact that the majority of the characters in Star Wars: Hunters are new but come from well-known groups and belong to prominent races will undoubtedly pique the public’s interest. Fans who are interested in the game could expect additional information and trailers from Zynga in the coming days.

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