Starfield,” Bethesda’s much-awaited and most ambitious role-playing game, has launched today. Many gamers who eagerly waited until this day are loving it. There are also those who gave it rave reviews, with some calling it one of the best games of 2023. 

Bethesda, the game’s maker, is known for its big-hearted and bug-ridden worlds, and it did not fail to disappoint with “Starfield.”

This action role-playing game, first announced in 2018, takes place in a space-themed world. It is also the first new intellectual property developed by Bethesda in more than two decades. 

In “Starfield,” players can switch between a first-person and third-person perspective. They can then discover the open world in which the game is set and which forms an area within our Milky Way galaxy, consisting of fictional and non-fictional planetary systems. “Starfield” gamers can land on over 1,000 planets, as well as various moons and space stations. Isn’t that wonderful? Now, let’s head over to what people are saying about it. 

Delivers on ‘high expectations’

For Oscar Gonzalez of CNET, a popular website that publishes content on technology and consumer electronics, “Starfield” delivers on “high expectations.”

“Bethesda took its formula for RPGs, perfected over the years with the ‘Fallout’ and ‘Elder Scrolls’ series, and deployed it on a scale grander than I have ever seen. I spent 36 hours playing Starfield on an Xbox Series X and completed more than 100 missions, side activities and other jobs,” Gonzalez wrote. “I feel like I barely scratched the surface of the game.”

He also added that the game is why players should subscribe to Xbox Game Pass. 

‘Present, future of Bethesda’

Also, Ryan McCaffrey of IGN, a website that shares pieces on video game news, reviews, and walkthroughs, said “Starfield” is “the most important launch for Xbox since at least ‘Halo 5,” adding that it is the “present and future of Bethesda Game Studios.”

And the next big thing for Bethesda Game Studios isn’t The Elder Scrolls 6,” McCaffrey wrote.
“At least, not for a while. The next big thing for Todd Howard and his team is still going to be Starfield!” (Howard is the director of ‘Starfield.’)

Furthermore, he added that for gamers who are into playing Bethesda’s expansive games, “Starfield” will remain their primary focus for a long time – for two reasons.

First, McCaffrey said “Starfield” will not only be a gigantic game, but he believes Bethesda will also support it for years. Second, it took a very long time to create the game, eight years, specifically. 


Another rave review written about “Starfield” is by Simon Parkin of publication The Guardian. He said the game is “an exquisite, electric, faintly rickety universe of possibilities.”

“The world is exquisitely designed – from every piece of blinking tech to every pneumatically sighing door – as if by a team of NASA product designers whose aesthetics got stuck somewhere around 1973 but whose funding became, at some point, limitless,” Parkin wrote. 

“Starfield” may sound like Garfield, but it is definitely far from this quirky cartoon character. If you are a frustrated space ranger, you should play “Starfield.”

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