Everyone is fond of having a perfect and healthy body. But sometimes, because of work and busy life, people don’t have enough time to hit the gym. And other people don’t have enough tools to track their exercises. And using Smartphones while running or lifting some weights can be very inconvenient. But technology changed everything and made a tool for fitness.

There are a lot of fitness gadgets you can buy in the market right now. From Smart Bottles, Smart ropes, wireless headphones, and Smartwatches. They can all be expensive or cheap, but all of these gadgets are useful because the technology is mainly built for fitness fanatics. This topic will be all about the best fitness Smartwatches that you can right now and here are some of them.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Top in the lists of best fitness Smartwatches you can buy right now. The Galaxy Watch Active is, overall best for any occasion, especially for those who like to run and track their exercises. You will enjoy the quality build and best features at just an affordable price with this Smartwatch. This Smartwatch also has a very beautiful 1.2” AMOLED display for a great viewing experience.

The best thing about this Smartwatch is its fitness features. It has heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking capability, and other exercise modes that you can use on the go. A built-in GPS is also useful to track your run, which is very convenient. And you don’t need to worry if you also love to swim since this Smartwatch is capable of 50-meter of water depth.

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Amazfit Bip

The most affordable Smartwatch you can buy right now, which provides great features for fitness activities. The Amazfit Bip is made originally by a famous Chinese company, which is Huawei Inc. The build is plastic, but you will not feel that it is cheaply made with an IP68 rating for additional confidence. Just like the Galaxy active, the Amazfit Bip also has a built-in GPS.

This Smartwatch is also fitted with sleep monitoring with active notification. The special feature of this Smartwatch is that it can track your runs and cycling activities. The battery life of this Smartwatch is rated the best of all because it can survive for about 30 days of battery life which is great because of its affordability. And it has an easy use charging pack.

Fitbit Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa 2 has many features that you will enjoy. You can connect directly to Alexa, which is a virtual assistant made by Amazon. You can access the weather, control smart home gadgets, and set alarms with this feature. A heart rate tracking, sleep score, on-screen workouts, and a Smartphone notification are some capabilities of this Smartwatch can do.

Versa 2 has more than 15 exercise modes that you can access easily. And this Smartwatch is perfect for female users because it has a feature that can log their period and record health statistics like weight, and sleeping time. And if you love to run, this Smartwatch can also track your cardio exercises and will also provide suggestions on how you can improve yourself.

Fossil Gen 5

A smartwatch that runs on a Wear OS can provide great features. The improved Fossil Gen 5 has a built-in speaker for answering calls and notifications. The battery life also improved on this new generation of Fossil Smartwatch and combined with a 1GB of RAM for smooth access to applications. This Smartwatch is also built for sporty individuals.

It is capable of around-the-clock heart rate monitoring and a GPS that will help you track your run. To add user confidence, this Smartwatch is also waterproof. Google pay and Google assistant is existing with this Smartwatch. Although there are some features, it lacks sleep monitoring which is very helpful for those people who has a problem with sleeping.

Withings Move

A simple designed Smartwatch that offers premium features and builds. It doesn’t have a touchscreen display, but you will still enjoy using this Smartwatch. This watch has a classic look, and a simple design just like other luxury watches in the market right now. Examples of it are Tag Heuer watches and any omega watch. Although you cannot compare them.

The Withing Move has worked out detection, Sleep tracking, Activity tracking, and is capable of 50 meters of water depth. And you don’t need to worry about your data because you can sync all data information to the Health Mate App. The other best thing about this watch is that it can survive for 18 months without the need of charging it which is very convenient.

Apple Watch 5

Last but not least, Apple Watch 5 also has the best feature to have for a Smartwatch. This year’s Apple Watch 5 didn’t change so much compared to last year’s Watch 4. Although, It still has the best Operation system inside it, which is the Watch OS 6. A 1.78 inches AMOLED display with Apple S5 Processor will surely provide great power to the Smartwatch.

The battery life of this Smartwatch is not so good, but you will have easy wireless charging combined with a 50m meters of water depth capability. Watch five will never disappoint you with its fitness features. Examples of these key features are GPS tracking, Heart rate monitoring, ECG monitor, and more. The build quality of the Watch 5 is also great.


These are the top choices you can buy right now if you are looking for a fitness-capable Smartwatch. The Apple Watch 5 has a high-end feel to it which is the best fit for those people who are loyal customers of the brand. The Withing Move, a classic and premium looking watch but in a very cheap price range and still provides great features.

The Fossil Gen 5, a Smartwatch that has all the necessities of a fitness buddy. While the Fitbit Versa 2 provides a lot of modes and features that are specifically for exercises and health monitoring. And the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active was purposely made for sports enthusiasts people. There still be more coming within the next year and expect that it will be better.

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