Steve’s Crafting Table in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Players Used as a Shield by Players

The announcement of Steve from Minecraft’s addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate earlier this month took the video game community by surprise. Not only will the iconic character be brought over to Nintendo’s fighting game, but his addition comes with some of Minecraft’s signature elements.

These include Steve’s tools, three additional skins that come with the character, as well as an ever-shifting map that changes between the different biomes available in Minecraft. One other iconic addition is the fact that players are given the ability to mine the map for resources, which you can then use to craft various weapons by using the familiar crafting table.

That being said, it appears that fans have recently started using the crafting table for other uses asides from, well, crafting. You see, the crafting table can be manually placed wherever so that you can craft anywhere at your convenience.

However, user VG_Chat shared on Reddit their discovery, revealing that there’s another way to use the table.


Apparently, the crafting table can be used as a powerful shield, as it’s capable of blocking strong abilities and moves from some of the strongest fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In VG_Chat’s Reddit post, the user showcases a pretty good example of how the crafting table is able to stop the Green Missile side special of Luigi.

In the video, we can see Luigi powering up to perform the action. However, as soon as he launches towards Steve, Luigi simply hits the box and bounces back. As a matter of fact, Luigi would have to perform the Green Missile ability at least two times before he can break the table.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players gathered in the post’s comment section to discuss other moves that the crafting table is reported to nullify. These include Squirtle’s Withdraw, Charizard’s side B, Banjo’s Wonder Wing, and Incineroar’s Revenge. It’s really quite incredible how these impressive moves are hindered by a simple table made out of pixelated blocks.

Crafting Table is OP from smashbros

That being said, players still haven’t decided as to whether or not this move is considered a cheap one. Some players have been defending it by saying that Steve still needs to gather wood in order to build the crafting table.

As such, if an enemy gets to break through the crafting table-turned-shield and is able to stay on Steve, then this means that the Minecraft character won’t be able to use the shield tactic once more.

On the other hand, fans dispute this theory by saying that wood is an extremely easy resource to come by. In other words, Steve has the potential to continuously create crafting tables in order to protect himself from vicious attacks.

In other news, many Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players have come to realize Steve’s potential, even going so far as to say that he could be one of the most promising fighters in the brawler’s roster.

Given how absolutely powerful the crafting table is, we’re interested to see whether or not Nintendo will nerf it in an upcoming update. For now, however, we expect a lot of players to take advantage of this technique while the studio hasn’t done anything about it yet.

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