As you decide to try out tadalafil and buy pills online, get a hold of this short-list of basic facts-or-myths about erectile dysfunction treatments. Be informed about ED medication and their scope of impact before hopping on to a treatment program.

1. More Tadalafil Pills Per Day = Longer Erection

This one’s similar to the same myth about other kinds of erectile dysfunction medications, so we’re not too nonplussed that this too, is associated with tadalafil. The recommended dosage for tadalafil is a pill per 24 hours. Count it in as the golden rule for ED. More pills per day are not recommended at all. And no, it doesn’t add up to a longer erection.

Every tablet contains somewhere between the range of 2.5, 5, 10, to 20 mg, depending on what your medical physician will prescribe. But the common dosage runs along the lines of 2.5mg and 5mg. Often, the higher doses are reserved for those who are simultaneously taking other medications related to BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), PAH (pulmonary arterial hypertension), etc.

More tablets per day do not equate to longer erection periods because after the penis has already ejaculated semen, the penis will lose the erection (just like it does, sans tadalafil). The drug itself will linger in your system in that it will take time for it to be metabolized. But this “lingering” has nothing to do with erection length.

2. IF Longer Erections Happen, Celebrate?

No. In fact, this should cause you to be alarmed enough to contact your doctor immediately. There are isolated cases wherein severe side effects take place when it comes to partaking not only of tadalafil but erectile dysfunction medications, in general.

Among these severe side effects are erections that last for hours to more than a day. At first glance, you might believe this to be a positive impact for lasting “long” in bed. However, what you should know is these abnormal erections that endure beyond their average estimation are, almost always, coupled with excruciating interminable pain in the penis and the surrounding region.

The moment you notice that the phallus has maintained its stiffness after it has released ejaculate, inform your doctor right away. The same advice is to be followed especially if you feel a tingling sensation bordering on a stinging kind of pain in and around the penis.

3. Branded Versus Generic

Are branded ED treatments better than their generic counterparts? No. This is also the case if we were to reverse the question. Generic erectile dysfunction medication isn’t “better” than branded ones.

The fact remains that no matter the name and/ or brand of supplements you ingest, it’s necessary to monitor their effect on your body, first and foremost. It’s due to this reason that a consultation with a medical physician prior to kickstarting the treatment is of the utmost importance.

You have to be guided with the dosage you’ll be taking, regardless of ED med brand or non-brand. At the same time, your body’s reaction to the treatment is to be supervised. In the event that a specific treatment doesn’t bring about desired results or is causing negative bodily reactions, then your doctor can help you safely transition to a different erectile dysfunction prescription drug or drug dosage.

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