The Tartarus Key Horror Game Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Vertical Reach and Armor Games Studios have collaborated on The Tartarus Key, an upcoming indie horror game. Vertical Reach creator and artist Leonor Parra, programmer Kevin Colgate, and composer and sound designer Josie Brechner are working on The Tartarus Key.

Despite their antiquated visuals and controls when compared to contemporary games, classic PlayStation games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill have been immortalized in memories. These iconic vintage games have impacted a slew of subsequent games, and The Tartarus Key wears its influences on its sleeve. The Tartarus Key received a teaser today that shows when it will be released for the Nintendo Switch and what players can expect from it.


The Tartarus Key’s Nintendo Switch launch video shows Alex Young navigating a scary home from a first-person perspective, with low-fidelity textures and polygonal character models evoking intentional nostalgia and nods to classic atmospheric horror on old platforms.

The Tartarus Key appears to focus on puzzles and exploration in gameplay, with a comprehensive inventory system to help players complete them, including a peek at a problem that requires players to analyze plastic human anatomies.

The suspense is heightened by camera monitoring, as Alex and a colorful ensemble of people are aware that they are not alone and that they have been placed in this house for a specific reason. Surprisingly, it appears that the kidnappers want Alex and the other characters to complete tasks and riddles as part of a ritualistic or occult activity, as sigils and other symbols suggest. Character pictures are presented and animated during discussions, which appear to be important to The Tartarus Key’s plot.

Strange mysteries appear to be unfolding at the house, where some individuals appear flawlessly composed or otherwise humorous in light of their surroundings. It’s possible that this is merely an attempt to recreate the classic terror that Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and other early PlayStation games created with their own casts of weird individuals.

In addition, any interested players may try out a trial of The Tartarus Key, which is currently available on PC via Steam during Steam Next Fest 2021. The Steam Next Fest began today and will finish on October 7, however it is presently unknown when The Tartarus Key will be released in its entirety on either the Nintendo Switch or the PC.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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