Teaser of Galactus’ Arrival in Fortnite Found In-Game

Fortnite’s Marvel-themed season has been picking up steam for the past couple of weeks, as Epic Games releases more locations and heroes to help players succeed on their mission to defeat Galactus.

Based on recent teasers, however, it appears that the battle will take place sooner rather than later, as the planet-eating villain has been seen flying through Fortnite’s skies. Teasing a villain as ginormous as Galactus is definitely not an easy thing to do, but looking at his size within the teaser, it may be safe to say that Epic Games was able to do a good job.

Galactus’ inclusion in the game was initially confirmed in Marvel and Fortnite’s tie-in comic, and when he does arrive, this will mark the end of the title’s fourth season. Fortnite Season 4 is set to conclude on November 30, so players can expect him to make an appearance soon.

We don’t expect Galactus to have a skin similar to the one Daredevil received, but we know for a fact that the villain will have a huge impact on the game’s map. At the moment, Epic Games hasn’t revealed just how players will fight Galactus – whether there will be a limited-time mode for that, or if there will be an optional encounter in every game.

In any case, the Twitter account of Fortnite news page ‘FortTory’ recently shared a major teaser for Galactus’ arrival. In their tweet, they shared a screenshot showing Galactus flying over Fortnite’s clear, blue sky.

Of course, the villain is obviously very far away in the said screenshot. In fact, the player had to use a sniper scope in order to see him. However, the idea that Galactus’ arrival is slowly becoming a reality in-game is both exciting and terrifying.

That being said, Galactus probably won’t arrive at least until November or some time after the end of the upcoming Fortnitemares event, which is an event that allows players to face different spooky Fortnite characters that are Halloween-inspired.

Although, we assume that Epic Games would want to give players sufficient time to battle it out with the villain before the conclusion of the event. As such, Galactus will probably be introduced to the game near the beginning of the month of November rather than later.

In any case, Galactus’ presence in the sky of Fortnite is definitely a unique and commendable tease, as it is thrilling and builds upon his inevitable arrival. Since the menacing villain is inching closer and closer to the world of Fortnite, more superheroes than the ones currently available will probably be needed in order to defeat him.

There’s no need to worry about that though because there has been a recent leak indicating that Captain Marvel will be arriving in Fortnite soon as well. With Spider-Man villain Venom also rumored to make an appearance, players should have a better chance at defeating Galactus once all the necessary Marvel characters are complete.

Unfortunately for iOS users, the arrival of Galactus won’t be something they can experience, as Fortnite will remain banned from Apple devices.

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