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Cannabis contains a class of substances called cannabinoids. This genus of flowering plants has been used for thousands of years due to its medical properties. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the primary psychotropic component of cannabis (more known as THC).

The COVID-19 pandemic had an overwhelming effect on the cannabis industry on a global scale. The market is anticipated to increase by 32.04%. Due to its legality issue, not many companies have vast production of THC-P, but you can buy THC-P online from secure platforms, and you won’t be disappointed as the quality will never be compromised.

According to the Controlled Substances Act and Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, cannabis is categorized at the federal level as a Schedule I drug, meaning that the government considers it to be highly addictive and to have no known medical benefits. Marijuana is illegal to grow and sell under federal law, although having several therapeutic benefits.

What is THC-P?

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid and analog of THC that is found in different strains of cannabis. It was first mentioned in December 2019 in a scientific journal. The legality of THC-P is hampered by contradictory federal regulations.

The THC-P compound is the most potent cannabinoid found in nature. Its potency is comparable to that of synthetic THC derivatives. Its power is roughly 1.5 times greater than THC-O, 5 to 10 times greater than delta-9 THC, 10 to 20 times greater than delta-8 THC, and over 40 times greater than THCV.

Types of THC-P Products

There are currently very few THC-P products and suppliers since this area is still under scientific research and study, so the development might take some more time. Companies are still on the look for more affordable ways to produce it in large quantities. This cannabinoid’s legal status is likewise unsure. The rules aren’t entirely clear, but it’s probably against the law in the US and most of Europe. Hence, some products include:

THC-P Vape Carts

This practical vape cart type can be found for just about every cannabinoid. The heating elements, reservoir tanks, and heat settings for each cart don’t need to be fiddled with when these carts are screwed into an existing vape pen. Most companies do not endorse any THC-P vape carts at this time. Some firms like Binoid, Area 53, or Delta Effex are examples. These are some of the more well-known and significant brands in the market for alternative cannabinoids.

THC-P Gummies

A mainstay in the marijuana industry is gummies. They provide all the advantages of a tincture, including long-lasting effects, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness, but in much more delectable, covert forms.

THC-P Tinctures

For beginners using THC-P, tinctures are the best way to go about it because it is simpler to take a lower initial dose than the other popular delivery methods. A particular quantity of THC-P is contained in each milliliter of oil in THC-P tinctures. The P-30 THC-P Tinctures have been found so far. The bottle’s suggested dosage is ⅕ of a dropper.

THC-P Dabs

Dabs are concentrated forms of butane hash oil (BHO), which includes highly focused quantities of THC and is also known as wax or amber. It is used in a chemical process to separate the oils from the cannabis and create this concentrated product.

Cannabis concentrates can be consumed in more ways besides dabbing. The benefits of dabbing include a more robust, purer, more plant-like flavor without an odor and a better overall experience.

Latest Discovered Advantages of THC-P

Currently, THC-P still needs more research. But its medical usage is, in fact, appreciable. Patients who undergo chemotherapy require high THC doses for treatment. It is believed that THC-P is more potent than delta-9 THC. The dosage is, therefore, lower. Users’ experiences suggest that THC-P is quite effective at reducing pain since people who suffer from sleeplessness are benefitted, and it also provides them relaxation, effective treatment for stress, and helps them to overcome panic attacks, chronic pain, bipolar disorder, and other anti-nausea properties.

Stronger concentrations of THC-P may have tranquilizing effects. More research is needed in this field, and the above dosages should not be consumed without advice from a medical practitioner.

The most intriguing recent finding in the cannabis market is THC-P. Despite being potent among all, there are worries about its safety, as there are with any new cannabinoid. Its short and long-term adverse effects are verified by a minimal number of scientific investigations.

THC-P may potentially have a few side effects, such as dry mouth, dizziness, paranoia, fatigue, and red eyes when taken on a long-term basis.

The purchase of THC-P products should be done carefully and bought from a reliable source. As already mentioned, the field is under research, so its safety is still in doubt.

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