The 10 Best Fallout 4 Companions, Ranked from Worse To Best

One of the best aspects of Fallout 4 is that it provides players with a large range of companions from which to select, allowing them to form friendships (always welcome in a world full of beasts ready to take them down). However, some of these partners are much more useful than others, so players should choose carefully.

Anyone on this list is worth bringing into the Wasteland, so stay tuned to find out who is the best of the best. We’re here to tell you who the perfect Fallout 4 companions are!



Since this companion is available from the start of the game, any player has at least spent some time with this cutie, Dogmeat. Many fans would want to have him on board for the long haul because he is man’s best friend, but what does he really do with the player aside from looking cute?

Apart from fighting opponents (with the appropriate perks selected), this dog will also bring the player random items. It should come as no surprise that with a Wasteland this large, people want to make sure they don’t miss anything!

Piper Wright


Piper is a Diamond City-based reporter with her own publication, Publick Occurrences. Players first encounter her at the city walls, where she is trying to obtain entry. She’ll be available as a friend after players have given her an interview.

Piper prefers a gun, and if players have reached a high enough friendship degree with her, she’ll award them the Gift of Gab bonus, which gives double experience for successful charisma tests or when players arrive at a new location. She’s capable of fighting and has a defiant nature that despises authority.

John Hancock


John Hancock, a ghoul, is the next companion on our list. Since he is the mayor of Goodneighbour, players may have noticed him there. He possesses 64 special points, the majority of which are in the areas of Agility, Intelligence, and Perception. Players will get a bonus called Isodoped if players achieve max friendship with the character.

Once players have at least 250 rads, this companion gives a bonus of 20% damage. An added advantage is that he can give players free chems at random.



MacCready is perfect for someone looking for a companion with similar dubious ethics and values. Players can recruit him for a couple of caps at the Goodneighbor as a mercenary who used to be a Gunner. Bear in mind, however, that players won’t be able to step up their friendship with him until they’ve finished his personal quests.

He’s an expert gunman who prefers to use a sniper rifle to dispatch his foes. Once players have won his love, he’ll give the Killshot bonus, which gives a 20% increase in headshot accuracy when in V.A.T.S.

Paladin Danse


Paladin Danse has a lot of damage tolerance, which is one great thing about having him as a companion. When things get hectic, and players need someone to help them take down the enemies, he’s a fantastic partner to have around.

Players will be able to access a bonus that helps them to do 20% more damage to Synths, Feral Ghouls, and Super Mutants after they have formed a friendship with this tank of a man. This is the companion to pick if a player wants a tank to help them take down any enemy they encounter.

Preston Garvey


Preston is the guy if a player admires goodness above all else. Players can find him in Concord, where he’ll ask them to assist him and his remaining Minutemen squad. He’ll ask players to help clear Concord as their leader, and he’ll continue to ask for assistance for new settlements.

His favorite firearm is a Laser Musket, which is very powerful considering its long reload time. Any gestures of compassion you show to others, as well as a desire to support the needy, would be deeply valued by him. He’ll bestow the United We Stand perk on players, which grants +20 percent damage and damage tolerance to more than three enemies, making it one of the best affinity perks available.

Nick Valentine


Nick’s presence does not raise the probability that the player will be able to defeat any opponent who comes their way, but he is an excellent companion for those who choose to be stealthier. Are you the kind of player who approaches games with a little more imagination than with a vengeance?

Nick Valentine is the ideal companion. If a player wishes to keep this character around, terminal hacking would no longer be a concern. Nick steps up to the plate and accepts the test with no chance of defeat.



Don’t be fooled by Strong’s presence. He will seem to be yet another Super Mutant waiting to knock heads in, but once players hire him at Trinity Tower, he will be fully loyal. According to his temperament, he will enjoy both generous and brutal acts and will protect himself in battle with assault weapons.

With a sledgehammer, he’s powerful, and he can even pick up a pistol from a corpse to dispatch the next foe. If a player’s health is below 25%, his Affinity Perk gives a 20% increase in weapon damage.



Cait’s life may not be entirely in order since she battles opioid abuse. She is, however, a solid and skilled companion, capable of holding her own in a fight. She used to be a raider, so players can count on her applauding any brutal crimes you commit.

One of her biggest benefits is that she can pick almost every lock you need unlocked, making life in the wasteland a lot simpler. After players have earned her trust, she’ll give the Trigger Rush bonus, allowing players to recover their Action Points quicker when health is below 25%.



This companion does not seem to be much, particularly to those who have played Fallout 4 and seen all of the other companions available but don’t count her out just yet. Players may not be aware that she has a flat HP rating of 440, which is very high compared to the other companions on this list.

Rather than becoming a full-fledged beast, Curie is useful because she is more concerned about maintaining life than ending it. She can attack enemies alongside the character, but consider her more of a backup than a tank.

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