Apple is undisputedly a leader in technology — mastering the smartphone and creating innovative new products yearly including wearable devices and wireless headphones. While there is growing competition, they’ve managed to maintain their role as key players and visionaries in the tech world.

As new features are introduced, users are being treated to a new level of possibilities — and developers are also reaping the benefits. Apple shows no signs of slowing down as they continue to develop new features and software aimed at expanding and enriching their users’ experiences.

Changing with the Times

While their smartphones tend to fall on the higher end of the price range, the benefits that come with Apple products often outweigh the cost. Users expect a seamless experience when they select a smartphone and Apple has managed to continue to create products that take the user’s experience to heart. As technology becomes more sophisticated and buyers’ needs change, iPhones have adapted to the market and added new additions to enhance the experience — including group facetime, editing live photos, and the ability to send money through Facebook’s Messenger app.

All About the Apps

Apple currently holds over two million apps in their App Store and they vary in utility across hundreds of categories. As the competition increases, they’ve continued to control a majority of the market. They offer practicality and straight-forward applications — users can securely store their payment information on their Apple account and download their desired app with a single tap. Convenience plays a key role in the App Store, as apps are updated routinely. Developers and users can feel confident knowing their information is stored safely in the App Store — Apple tests and validates all apps they provide, whether or not they’re free to download.

How Swift Changed the Game

Swift — a programming language for iOS — has been a topic of discussion ever since its first mention in 2014. It’s mission is to create more meaningful engagement between app developers, businesses, and the users themselves. A program that allows for increased safety and quality control offers peace of mind for smartphone users.

It’s clean syntax and efficient coding are major benefits to developers — less time is spent searching for problematic code; its readability allows for any existing programs to adopt Swift into their set of tools. When it comes to safety, developing a secure app should be a priority. According to experts at Guarana Technologies, Swift’s syntax offers developers greater stability and fewer chances of their program crashing.

These advantages open up a lot of doors for eager developers looking to make their mark in the app space. Swift allows them to create clean, simplified content that offers their target audience a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Connecting Multiple Devices

Most smartphone users have more than one electronic device, and if they have multiple Apple products, they are reaping the benefits from the seamless connectivity. Creating iCloud allowed users to store their photos, contacts, and any important notes that are accessible on any of their Apple devices. This innovation keeps everything in sync.

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