In the action RPG “Elden Ring,” Dexterity weapons range from katanas to daggers and from claws to curved greatswords. Your choices are limitless. 

These Dexterity builds work fantastically either with shields, without shields, dual-wielding, and even when you choose to use magic. They are highly flexible, quick, and can inflict tons of damage.

In this list, you will learn all about the best of the best Dexterity in “Elden Ring,” with information on where to find them. 

Death’s Poker

That imposing name sounds strong; this weapon is strong. Many gamers will agree that Death’s Poker is the best of the bunch when it comes to the game’s Dexterity weapons (though it can switch places with the Shadow of the Erdtree).

As far as Dex weapons are concerned, Death’s Poker is one of the few weapons that serve their ultimate purpose.

How To Find Death’s Poker

You can find this weapon at the Southeast of the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Site of Grace.


Next up is the Uchigatana. This straightforward weapon is excellent in inflicting not just merely damage but bleeding damage. 

Aside from causing massive blood loss to whoever goes through this weapon, some of its pros include amazing reach and damage, being able to kill the game’s first few bosses easily, and having a cool Ash of War.

How To Find Uchigatana

You can obtain this weapon as soon as you start the game. Once you have it, it can cause blood loss, which is among the best status effects in “Elden Ring.”


Moonveil may be listed third here, but some gamers can argue it also deserves the number one spot. 

Aside from its ability to cause bleeding just like the previous weapon discussed, this katana also blends in Magic damage. Thus, it also scales off of Intelligence, though not to the point where players have to pump up the stats recklessly. 

Furthermore, the swift horizontal and vertical arcs with the use of Transiest Moonlight make Moonveil a superb option for PVP modes. This makes it difficult for enemies to predict its moves. 

How To Find Moonveil

Moonveil is dropped by the Magma Wyrm, which can be found within Gael Tunnel’s depths. 

Wing Of Astel

Like Moonveil, the Wing of Astel is another Dex weapon that deals Magic damage. Apart from the player’s standard swift slashes and twirls, this weapon also features a Nebula skill that discharges a threatening wave of dark purple stars that go supernova, causing incredibly massive damage. 

How To Find Wing Of Astel

Unlike other weapons here, the Wing of Astel is available quite later in “Elden Ring.” To obtain it, you must reach Nokstella, Eternal City. 

Once you are at the Uhl Palace Ruins, you will find the weapon sitting inside a chest, but the chest is heavily guarded by a giant dragonfly-shaped, intergalactic monster hurling Rock Sling spells at you. You have to exert some effort here to obtain this weapon. 

Bloodhound’s Fang

Considered the best early-game curved sword, this speedy weapon offers various attacks, which include aerial strikes and broad sweeps, making it a great choice for a Dexterity weapon. 

Moreover, this weapon also administers closing gaps, together with thrust attacks. It can also retreat quickly to evade incoming damage. 

How To Find Bloodhound’s Fang

Bloodhound’s Fang can also be found a bit early in the game. Once you wield it, it features the unique Ash of War, which could get you out of a pinch countless times.


The days when Rivers of Blood is the top choice are passé. Now, it is all about Nagakiba. 

This weapon has by far the longest reach (equivalent to roughly two Uchigatanas). Nagakiba is a very versatile katana you can fuse with various Ashes of War. Aside from its impeccable reach, it also does not sacrifice the speed of the katana. 

Some of the most outstanding Ashes of War with the Nagakiba are the Unsheathe and Double Slash. Plus, it can likewise be the next Corpse Piler if wielded with Bloodflame Blade and Double Slash. 

How To Find Nagakiba

Bloody Finger Hunter Yura drops this weapon. However, you must either kill Yura or complete his storyline before acquiring this weapon. 

Scavenger’s Curved Sword

Next up is Scavenger’s Curved Sword. Sure, some gamers may not agree that this weapon is part of this list, but others can say its power warrants this picking. 

Following the buff to straight swords in the game’s patch 1.09, this weapon has gotten a faster attack speed with lower recovery time between attacks, allowing it to inflict more severe damage per second. 

These further go well with the Spinning Slash Weapon Art, which triggers a Blood Loss buildup to the tune of, get this, 45 per tick. That’s marvelous. 

What’s more, if you power-stance this Scavenger’s Curved Sword and utilize its running jump attack, its total Bleed buildup can reach up to a whopping 160 percent, thereby easily triggering its Bleed status effect in a single attack.

How To Find Scavenger’s Curved Sword

Below the ladder that leads to the rest of Mount Gelmir, you will find a corpse lying beside a burned cart. You can loot off this sword of this body. 


Regarded as the best early-game close-range Dex weapon, Hookclaws are notoriously fast. Meaning to say, wielding them can kill enemies in early areas instantly. They also come in pairs, paving the way for dual-wielding. 

How To Find Hookclaws

Similar to Scavenger’s Curved Sword, Hookclaws can be looted off corpses in “Elden Ring.” The corpse particularly lies in the depths of Stormveil Castle. But, before you can reach this place, you must first battle with Margit, the Fell Omen.

Other impressive Dexterity weapons are Morgott’s Cursed Sword, Rivers of Blood, Reduvia, and Bolt of Gransax, among many others.

Developed by FromSoftware, “Elden Ring” is an open-world RPG where players control a customizable character on a quest to mend the Elden Ring and become the next Elden Lord. Play it on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows.

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