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The bed sheet you lay on your bed also determines how good your night will be. Every bedroom has specific requirements and preferences, especially with bed sheets. But it can be overwhelming to choose from a wide range of available products.

There are more factors to consider when buying a sheet other than the size of your bed. You will have to check a few things, like weave type, the material used, and the type of sheets. Another important thing to consider is the thread count, but what does it exactly mean?

What is a Thread Count?

The thread count indicates how the fabric was woven. This is based on the number of vertical and horizontal threads. A thread count is the density of threads used in every square inch of fabric. Get an idea about a bed sheet thread count so you can pick the best for yourself. 

Is a Higher Thread Count Better?

The higher the thread count, the better because it is more expensive and of higher quality. But there are other things you should consider. There is no specific count to say a sheet has the best quality. Many tests have been done to know the best sheets in the market. But comfortable kind of sheets has thread counts ranging from 200 to 500. 

Some high thread counts, like a 900, could be an indication of low-quality sheets since some manufacturers use tactics like artificially inflating the thread count to make it double or triple. High or low thread counts do not necessarily affect the feel, softness, or breathability of high-quality fabrics.

What is the Best Thread Count for Bed Sheets?

The quality can also depend on the materials that sheets are made of. Fiber and construction also play an important part in the quality of sheets. Each kind of fiber will have a different thread count standard to get more comfortable sheets. 

  • Sateen: 300 to 600
  • Percale weave: 200 to 300
  • Egyptian cloth: 300 to 400
  • Cotton: 200 to 400
  • Bamboo: 300 to 500
  • Linen: 80 to 120. Refrain from assuming a higher thread count for linen sheets as an indicator.

Other Factors to Consider in Finding the Sheets

There are some things to remember while shopping for bed sheets aside from the thread count. Here are some other factors to consider to get the best sheets for your bed.

1. Material or Fiber Content

You can choose from many types of fabrics; cotton and linen are the common types.

  • Cotton

Cotton is popular as it is very soft, breathable, and comfortable even if used for a long time. You may also encounter terms such as percale and sateen that describe how the fabric is woven. Pima cotton is soft and has a beautiful luster that earned it a term as the world’s finest cotton.

  • Linen

Linen is the fabric mostly used for hot climates since it has natural wicking qualities. This is one of the finest fabrics and has texture and dimension. The special weave irregularities make the fabric look elegant and beautiful. 

2. Construction or Weave

The feel and touch of a sheet come from how it was constructed or woven. There are common types of weave, like percale, sateen, or Pima. 

  • Percale 

The threads are processed using the ‘one over, one under’ technique. This offers a clean and crisp feeling when touched as it is soft and light. It is also the most breathable type of cotton.

  • Sateen 

It goes with a more complicated weaving process than percale. The pattern alternates to four over, one under, four over, and one under technique. The 100% cotton fabric gives a silky-smooth feel and is a great option for places with cold weather.

3. Design

How the sewing lines and stitches are formed is one thing to look at to know how the sheets are carefully done. Your bedroom theme also should match the sheet’s style and color. This will add style and ambiance to your sleeping area.

A beautiful and pleasing bedroom feels more satisfying to rest and relaxes after work. My Linen is the place to visit to find the best quality and design sheets for your bedroom.

4. Size of the Bed

Make sure to measure your bed size before buying a new bed sheet. This includes the height of the mattress and its topper. Also, consider buying sheets with deeper pockets to likely fit with your mattress. You want to avoid getting sheets that shrink after washing and using them right after buying them.

Should You Buy a New Sheet?

How frequently you should buy a sheet depends on the quality of the sheets that you have. But most likely good quality sheets can last from 5 to 10 years. Depending on how you maintain and care for the sheets, it will have signs that you need to replace them. If the sheet shrinks, firms, or it may have tears, you should be shopping for a new one now. 

More Information When Buying Bed Sheets

Here are some tips, ideas, and concerns when buying bed sheets to help you get familiar with buying sheets.

1. Look for Breathable Sheets

Some people may be hot sleepers and sweat a lot while sleeping. You can try finding sheets made of bamboo, linen, Tencel, or percale sheets.

2. Wash Newly Bought Bed Sheets

New sheets from shops or online stores can carry chemicals or unpleasant smells. Washing them can also allow you to remove excess stitches or detect damages and holes. 

3. Don’t Let it Dry For Too Long

Letting it dry for too long and at a high temperature can cause it to continue shrinking after some time. Dry your bed sheet at a lower temperature to avoid this. 


Knowing the best bed sheet thread count is essential for getting the best for yourself. You should also check for the material and types depending on your needs. Comfort should be your priority to have a good night’s sleep after a long day.


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