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Finding a date online and building a relationship with someone you met online was virtually unheard of twenty years ago. Now, online dating apps and other platforms have become our modern-day matchmakers, with a large percentage of relationships starting online these days.

Online dating is a convenient option for many people, giving them different ways to chat with people they like and are interested in. Even though most people are comfortable talking through chat messages, some prefer video chatting. In this article, we explore the upsides and downsides of video chatting when dating or meeting new people online.

Video Chatting Helps Build Stronger Connections

Chatting on video with a stranger can be intimidating, and the awkwardness can be overwhelming. However, you can build strong connections once you get past these initial emotions. The other person appearing on-screen means you can gauge their facial expressions, voice tone, and body language.

All these and other cues are crucial for gauging their personality and character. A few minutes or hours of chatting with them will let you know what to expect and whether you would like to talk to them again.

It Helps Eliminate Catfishing and Scamming

The sad reality is that as online dating has become increasingly popular, some people have sought to take advantage of those who may not be vigilant enough or understand how everything works. This is why there are so many catfishing and scamming incidents on online dating platforms.

Catfishing happens when someone assumes a different, often false, identity online or misrepresents themselves. For example, they may present a photograph of someone else or themselves from years ago, knowing they look different today. There are too many online dating scams to list here, but they all end one way; with the victim losing something valuable, often a huge sum of money.

Seeing someone in real-time over video helps you verify that they are who they say they are and that the photos they have shown you are recent and of themselves. It also makes it much harder for someone to scam you because most malicious actors do not want their identities known.

Regardless, it is still important to use dating apps and platforms that protect users from such incidents. Additionally, be careful about trusting strangers with your personal information until you are sure you can trust them. Finally, do not ignore dating red flags, and be prepared to walk away if you feel something isn’t right.

It Helps you Determine Matches Faster and Fulfill Dating Preferences Easily

Many people who opt for online dating do not have time for multiple back-and-forth messages. Instead, they want to determine compatibility quickly and efficiently to find someone to talk to faster. Video is very efficient at helping with this. They can ask the person they are talking to direct questions and gauge their honesty and truthfulness through the screen.

Dating preferences are not bad, and everyone has them, even if they do not recognize them as such. Video chatting platforms make it easier to find people who meet your preferences. For example, you can find and join a BBW video chat with a beautiful woman who might or might not want a relationship.

Taking advantage of the platform’s search features and video chat, you can quickly find someone to talk to and gauge whether you are interested and avoid wasting precious time.

Video Chats Can Help Overcome Shyness and Anxiety

Many people avoid dating because they are shy or anxious about meeting new people. They may also be worried about the awkwardness that often arises, especially before they can find common topics or interests. For many of these people, video chats present a less intimidating way to initiate contact. It can also be easier for them to break the ice over video than in-person dates.

They can also use video chat platforms to meet many people and prospective dates over a short period. This can be especially helpful for overcoming the anxiety associated with meeting and talking to strangers.

Potential for Lies and Deception

It is understandable for people to want to show the best version of themselves when dating. However, some take this too far, lying and deceiving people they meet. They can do this by only saying things they think their date might want to hear or posting edited photos.

This also happens when chatting over video, so it is best to always be wary of what someone tells you unless you are only dating for fun. If you want something serious, a solid foundation built on truth and trust works best.

Do not be afraid to push back if you feel the other person is lying or deceiving you. After all, you do not want to build a relationship with someone whose first actions are to lie or deceive you.

The Potential for Too Many Choices

A typical downside to video chat dating platforms many people do not think about is the potential for too many choices. For example, you might be interested in a BBW video chat but find hundreds or thousands of beautiful women who fit your preferences.

When this happens, you might spend too much time searching and deciding but not progressing. You might be paralyzed by choice or waiting for the perfect match. There is also the risk of only using physical attractiveness as the measure of compatibility, which often leads to poor dating results.

Too many choices can also lead to what psychologists call dating burnout. This is where you date so much without finding the right person and feel let down and less confident. If you feel like this, step back, assess your preferences and what you are looking for, and give it another try.

Online dating and video chatting are great ways to meet many people, some of whom you may want to be in a relationship with. As with traditional dating, it comes with pros and cons, but it is worth it, especially for those new to dating, shy, or do not have a lot of time to meet new people.

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