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When we think about boxing events, it immediately comes to our mind that they are somehow related to some sort of casino or some kind of hotel in a big, gambling city, like Las Vegas. That’s probably because we are so used to the fact that boxing events have been traditionally hosted by casinos and we are also getting used to the fact that now the new ‘versions’ of these casinos – including online casinos or even bitcoin casinos – are among the best crypto casinos – are vastly sponsoring big boxing events.

How did this relationship emerge in the first place? Let’s find out!

Well, Las Vegas is considered to be the fight capital of the world, or simply enough, the center of the planet when it comes to boxing. How is that? How has the city in the desert of Nevada become the absolute host of boxing events?

Las Vegas: the home of gambling and casinos

Well, we need to think of Las Vegas, not in terms of its geographic location or its whereabouts, but in terms of what this city actually offers. Las Vegas is the center of gambling and the ultimate place where luxury and glamour meet free, unconventional, and unconstrained entertainment.

Las Vegas is the home of casinos and grand, iconic masterpiece hotels that have marked their own history in this world. It is where everything started and where gambling has risen to what it is today – a multi-billion-dollar industry.

It is the city that was deliberately constructed to become the center of the gambling world. And while today gambling is not confined to one location – we have online casinos becoming more and more popular and new types of casinos emerging and becoming more hyped – Las Vegas remains the capital, at least in our minds.

Las Vegas: the home of boxing

But Las Vegas has not only been the home of casinos and gambling. It has also been the home of fight events. While boxing fights had become very popular in New York early enough, it was in the late 1940s when Las Vegas started to host events that were intended to accomplish two important objectives:

First, to offer live entertainment to all visitors, especially since besides gambling most of the visitors had no other way to have fun, excite, and entertain themselves.

Second, to attract more visitors, who would subsequently generate more revenues for the casinos and hotels in Las Vegas.

Casinos and hotels back then – and actually up until today – were the main employer organizations in the city. Today they are responsible for more than 70% of the employment in Las Vegas, while in the past this figure was way bigger. So, it was very important to make sure that the businesses would be sustained and grow and that more people would be able to live from the operations of casinos and hotels.

Initially, the idea was to bring in some events that would make Las Vegas the absolute ‘place to be’ but also ensure that it would be heard all across the country.

Boxing events were the perfect fit: first, of all they had that ‘gangsta’ pitch that was also apparent in the gambling history and second, they were already becoming ultimate betting events, which meant that they would absolutely match with gambling offered in Las Vegas. Sports betting and gambling had always been close to each other.

So, the more the hosting of boxing events and high-profile fights between top-notch fighters and big names of the sport, the greater the injection of more gambling revenues into the operations of the established businesses in the Nevada city that transformed into the absolute gambling hub.

And while today, boxing events are not the sole prerogative of Las Vegas casinos and hotels, they still take place there and they continue to complement all the gambling action. We need to admit that there are boxing events in Las Vegas and there are boxing events everywhere else in the world!

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