The Flash Is Fortnite’s Next Crossover – Leaks

Based on a new leak, the popular speedster The Flash from DC Comics is about to arrive in Fortnite as its next superhero crossover. One of the newest crossover characters was G.I. Joe Snake Eyes who became available a few days ago.

After a short period of G.I. Joe related teases, Epic Games officially revealed that the iconic Snake Eyes character was arriving to Fortnite. The hero’s depiction in the game proved to be as loyal as possible. Sporting his iconic black costume, Snake Eyes also received a pickaxe in the form of his katana and a matching back bling to complete the skin. The entire set of cosmetics arrived in the in-game shop for each nostalgic-feeling Fortnite player to enjoy.

The next superhero-inspired in-game Fortnite tournament is anticipated to take place in a few days, according to a famous leaker on Twitter – iFireMonkey. Based on his most recent tweets, the insider published a few details about the upcoming tournament.


Most notably, the event will revolve around DC Comics’ The Flash – the popular speedster is the next superhero character to make it into the game. Thanks to iFireMonkey, fans can have the first glance of what the character will look like in Fortnite.

The design appears to be inspired by Barry Allen’s costume from the TV series produced by CW. It seems that the suit is taken straight from the famous TV show’s third season. The tournament in question will cater to Duos of players. The winning Duo of every approved region will obtain a The Flash skin weeks before it arrives in Fortnite’s in-game store. The Flash Cup is allegedly taking place tomorrow, February 10, Wednesday.

Another huge recent Fortnite crossover featured two of the most iconic action movie characters – Sarah Connor and the T-800 from the original The Terminator movie series. To be more precise, both characters were rescued by John Jones at the near end of Terminator 2: Judgement Day via the Zero Point to join the unbelievable roster of bounty hunters in Fortnite. Such an epic duo of characters received a breathtaking trailer, which shortly set the stage for the exemplary crossover.

The Flash Cup will possibly release a set of DC-inspired tournaments, much like it occurred with Marvel Cups last year. There’re still plenty of superheroes out there that haven’t been featured yet in Fortnite, which means the development team has a rich set of characters to choose from.

It’s a bit surprising, though, that the speedster’s look was inspired by the TV series instead of the DCEU edition of The Flash played by Ezra Miller. Perhaps, he could still be included considering the multiverse capabilities of Fortnite Season 5.

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