A few years back, rumors began to arise claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may look very similar to a Galaxy Note smartphone. Now, the company finally revealed what the Galaxy S22 series looks like, and it appears those rumors were true because this new model looks very much like a Note. Surprisingly, its design even has an S Pen slot.

Specifically, the Galaxy S22 Ultra doesn’t look like the previous Galaxy Note models from a few years back. Instead, it looks much like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the latest Note model Samsung released. If you look at the two phones side by side, you can see for yourself how similar they are, albeit with a few differences here and there.


The most obvious difference between the two models is their camera modules on the get-go. While it’s true that the two share a similar setup, including an ultrawide lens, a 108MP main sensor, a periscope telephoto lens, and laser autofocus, the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s main inspiration for its setup was the Galaxy S21 Ultra. As such, it has an extra non-periscope telephoto.

As for the module, it also looks pretty different. The Note 20 Ultra’s massive bump has turned into a more subdued look. But outside of the module, the phones’ designs are incredibly similar. They both sport boxy, conventional shapes, with the same button placement and S Pen slots.

The front part of the device shows similarities once again. The displays look pretty much the same, although the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a wider adaptive refresh rate that can go from 1Hz to 120Hz.

In summary, it’s clear that Samsung also used the Note 20 Ultra as inspiration when designing the Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, looking at the two models side-by-side shows that the company didn’t change much outside the camera module. It’s possible that the Galaxy S22 Ultra was one of Samsung’s abandoned designs that they later revisited and reused.

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