RPG The Good Life Gets Summer 2021 Release Window

If you’re looking for a charming RPG that gives you freedom of choice as well as an interesting mystery to solve, then The Good Life by developer White Owls might be what you’re looking for.

The official announcement trailer for the PlayStation 4 was released recently, but it’s going to launch on the Xbox One and PC too. According to the trailer, The Good Life has a release window of Summer 2021. It may not be a specific date, but at least it’s something.

The Good Life follows a young journalist named Naomi, who used to live in New York but later moved to a small British town called Rainy Woods. The town definitely looks charming, but it has its own secrets.

Naomi, despite being a city girl, was forced to relocate due to a massive debt that she has yet to pay. In order for her to pay back the amount, she needs to take pictures of what’s happening in Rainy Woods and then make a report on each one for The Morning Bell newspaper.

The game gives you different options for Naomi to accumulate money, though, so asides from publishing her pictures in the newspaper, she can also post her photography online via the in-game SNS photo app called “Flamingo.”

The citizens also have a couple of part-time jobs to offer Naomi, so if she’s up to the task, then she can also earn money in this way.

The small town may be dubbed as “the happiest town in the world,” but it’s not as perfect as Noami initially thought. Rainy Woods has its own interesting lore that you will definitely want to discover on your own as you play the game.

The Good Life can be considered as a daily life simulator as well, which suits its open design. In other words, you — as Naomi — will be able to explore and interact with every nook and cranny of Rainy Woods at your own pace.

Now, what makes The Good Life intriguing is the fact that the citizens, Naomi included, transform into cats and dogs once a month. During this period of time, Naomi will be able to choose whether she wants to become a feline or a canine.

You’ll be able to discover the mystery behind this transformation though as you progress in the game. That being said, transforming into either a dog or a cat won’t be a hindrance to Naomi’s journey.

As a matter of fact, the transformation will prove to be beneficial. Naomi can continue exploring Rainy Woods this way and can even take photos using her telescope lens.

Every decision Naomi makes can affect how the game plays. To be more specific, the way she interacts with the citizens and how she responds to the various missions she goes on will affect the story’s outcome, which is why it has multiple endings.

Based on The Good Life’s trailer, which you can watch above, the investigative RPG looks like it could provide potential players with a good time. Interested players should definitely keep a lookout for its release date next year.

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