Like “Game of Thrones,” which was also shown on HBO, “The Last of Us” is another series on the TV network that has gained lots of good praise from fans and viewers. But, unlike “GoT,” which was based on a fantasy novel, “The Last of Us” is actually based on an equally popular game. 

If you were among those who felt the cliffhanger during the ending of “The Last of Us” Season 1, you are not alone. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at this intriguing ending and explain it too. Plus, we’ll also share information about the upcoming second season. Let’s get to it.

What Is ‘The Last Of Us’?

“The Last of Us” is a post-apocalyptic drama TV series created for HBO by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann. The series is based on a 2013 video game of the same name by Naughty Dog. 

The series is set 20 years into a pandemic brought by a mass fungal infection, causing its hosts to turn into zombie-like creatures and collapsing society. “The Last of Us” follows Joel (portrayed by Pedro Pascal), a smuggler tasked with escorting Ellie (portrayed by Bella Ramsey), an immune teenager, across the series’ post-apocalyptic world. 

Let’s Review What Happened In The Ending Of The First Season Of ‘The Last Of Us’

The first season’s nail-biting finale episode has taken fans on a roller coaster ride. Aside from nudging the viewers to perform a morality check on Marlene’s intentions and even Joel’s, the eighth episode is food for thought. 

Initially, the final episode delved deeper into the origin story of Ellie. Thus, it also introduced her mom, Anna, and even sheds light on the circumstances of her birth, and also, by extension, taking viewers into the explanation of Ellie’s immunity. Viewers saw that she was born with Cordyceps within her system, hence making her immune from the infection. 

The episode also snowballed the fans with a sweet moment between Joel and Ellie, something that is very needed for the fans to see after the madness in the seventh episode. Lastly, the concluding sequence of the series was able to answer the question of whether Ellie would be the cure to the pandemic or not. 

Frankly speaking, and however, the answer to that question was still ambiguous, mysterious, and complicated. At times, there is really no answer to the question at all. After Joel succeeds in taking Ellie to Marlene and her fireflies, he discovers the truth of Marlene’s intentions. That is, to dissect Ellie. Joel, then, who has already nourished a bond with Ellie, finds that unsettling. Aggravated, our main character takes it upon himself to bail out the teenager, turning into a dangerous killing machine everyone should be scared of. Consequently, he kills every Firefly, Marlene included.

“The Last of Us’” ending saw the duo hiking to the fortified Wyoming city of Jackson, led by Maria and Tommy. However, before they step in, Ellie questioned the credibility of what Joel told her about the cure and even, in fact, offered him the opportunity to spill the tea. Joel then decided to stick to his words, reassuring the teenage girl that everything he said was true. 

The Ending Explained

Though the ending of “The Last Of Us” Season 1 appeared ambiguous for others, some firmly say it wasn’t. As mentioned a while ago, the last episode saw Joel confronting the Fireflies for their wish to turn Ellie into their guinea pig. Clearly, this does not bode well for either of them, so many Fireflies were killed, including Marlene, the head of the Fireflies. 

It is also important to note, and interesting too, how Joel betrayed Ellie by lying to her. With that being said, Joel’s final act of revolution against the Fireflies offers a moral insight fans can contemplate, ponder, and reflect on, leaving them to decide who is actually correct and why. 

Throughout the first season, “The Last of Us” brought the viewers closer and closer to finding the cure for the infection. But, unfortunately, the season’s last episode just crushed these hopes. With Joel preventing any test and medical procedures from being done on Ellie, it is clear there will be no concrete answer yet on whether the gruesome pandemic will end. 

Everything We Know So Far About ‘The Last Of Us’ Season 2

All good things must come to an end. But, even though “The Last of Us” Season 1 has wrapped up, one thing is clear: a second season is coming your way. Here’s what we know so far about Season 2.

When Will Season 2 Air?

Last May, it was announced that auditions for the series’ second season had been put on hold because of a Writers Guild of America strike after actors were asked to read scenes taken directly from the game “The Last of Us: Part III.”

Ramsey, the actress playing Ellie, also revealed in one of her interviews that shooting for Season 2 might begin at the end of this year or the beginning of next, so the airing date will probably be the end of 2024 or early 2025. 

Who Will Be Part Of The Cast? 

Since both the first game and its DLC, “Left Behind,” have already been featured in the first season, those who are following the series closely say the second season will start with some of the events of the second game in the series, too, “The Last of Us: Part II.”

The game features Joel and Ellie, so if the second season is based on it, Pascal and Ramsey will return. But there’s a five-year time jump between the games, so Joel will have a bit of grey hair.  

The story also has Tommy, Joel’s brother, so he is more likely to return, too. It also introduces a new main character, Abby Anderson, and Dina, Ellie’s girlfriend. 

Other probable characters are Jesse (Dina’s ex-boyfriend), Owen (Abby’s ex-boyfriend), and Lev and Yara (siblings who the Seraphite cult has denounced and will team up with Abby).

What Will Be The Plot?

No official news yet about “The Last of Us” Season 2’s plot. But, if we are to follow rumors about it being based on “The Last of Us: Part II” game, it will be set five years after the first game and the first season, with Ellie seeking revenge for murder, and Abby, a soldier who becomes involved in a conflict between her militia and a religious cult. 

But get excited. Though the first season of “The Last of Us” has ended, one thing is for sure – a second season is coming your way very soon. 

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