The Hewlett-Packard Company has unveiled new automation solutions to help customers scale 3D printed parts production. And the latest and the biggest discounts on some HP products are also revealed. Continue reading for the news. 

New automation solutions

Nowadays, 3D printing is highly in-demand. The large share of industrial 3D printers can be attributed to the use of industrial printers in heavier industries, like electronics, automotive, defense, aerospace, and healthcare.

According to statistics from Fortune Business Insights, in 2021, the global market size of 3D printing was $15 billion. This is expected to grow to $84 billion by 2029. 

3D printing is used to create product prototypes and models quickly. However, they are also already being used in making the final products. Some items made with 3D printing are furniture, shoe designs, tripods, wax castings for making jewelry, gifts, toys, and more. 

HP is one of the companies taking a bold move to make things in 3D printing even more possible.

Earlier this week, HP announced new automation solutions, as well as software, services, and expanded materials to offer help to customers when scaling 3D printed parts production. 

“Companies large and small, in markets around the world, are turning to 3D printing for faster, more flexible, more personalized, and more resilient and sustainable production,” said HP’s president of Personalization and 3D Printing, Didier Deltort. “It’s promising to see the development of so many game-changing 3D printed applications across automotive, consumer, healthcare, and industrial, but to disrupt industries, these parts must be manufactured at scale.”

Deltort added that in order to help customer scale more effectively and efficiently, the company remains “laser-focused” on delivering industrial supplies, services, software, and hardware to support the whole digital production workflow, from application design to the production of the final parts.

The two new automation solutions introduced by HP, a global leader recognized by the printing industry, are HP Jet Fusion 3D Powder Handling Automation Solution and HP Jet Fusion 3D Automation Accessory.

Latest HP deals

Meanwhile, some products from HP are now available with steep discounts. For instance, the HP 255 G9 notebook PC has its price dropping all to way down to $699. It initially costs $1,465, so you can save up to $766 when you buy this today.

Then, there are also amazing offers and deals for the HP Victus 16 gaming laptop. It is now for only $650 from its original price of $1,000. Computing your savings, you’ll get a massive $350 discount. 

And when you buy the HP Victus 15L gaming desktop on Best Buy, you’ll get it for only $530 from its original price of $730. That’s a $200 discount on your end. Hurry now while the deals last.

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