The Grande Torino is probably one of the best Italian football squads in history. In addition to football, you can grab the cricket app for Android that 1xBet offers to all its members, which offers unique wagering opportunities.

Valentino Mazzola is one of the legendary players that were part of that team. He was born in 1919 and had a brilliant career that lasted from 1936 until his tragic death in 1949. During those years, he played in teams like:

  • Tresoldi;
  • Alfa Romeo;
  • Venezia;
  • and, of course, Torino.

Punters can bet on cricket and also on football on the 1xBet app for Android, which is now available for absolutely free. Mazzola was a brilliant player who performed in the classical position of number 10. In other words, he was an offensive midfielder with a great talent that allowed him to set decisive plays for his teammates.

An incredible talent

Mazzola began his career in the amateur team Tresoldi. In addition to football, you can also place bets on live cricket game through the 1xBet platform. After some excellent displays, he started to be observed by professional Italian football squads, who eventually decided to approach him.

Eventually, in 1939 he was signed by Venezia. There were many people that initially were skeptical about his condition, mostly because by the time of his signature, he weighed 90 kg and was 1.70 tall. Yet, he quickly silenced his critics and started to show an impressive talent that quickly made him one of the best Italian footballers. Punters can place bets on live cricket and football games through 1xBet, which also has plenty of matches of Italian football.

Becoming a legend

1942 would be the year in which Valentino Mazzola would start to cement his legendary status. In that year, he was approached and signed by Torino, which is the club where he could become an icon of Italian football. Punters can visit the link – football live TV is also available for plenty of matches of the exciting Italian Serie A.

In Torino, Mazzola would break lots of records. For example, he was the top scorer in many seasons of the Italian Serie A. Additionally, he also scored the fastest hat-trick in the history of Italian football, which took place on the 20th of April 1946, and where he scored 3 goals in 3 minutes. Some great live football TV is available on 1xBet, where punters can follow all matches of Torino.

Tragically, Valentino Mazzola and most of his teammates were killed in the Superga air disaster. This was the plane crash suffered by the plane that took the team back home from Lisbon. Yet, to this day, Mazzola is remembered as one of the best football players that Italy has ever produced.

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