Many businesses today seek the services of graphic designers to build their brand identity. Graphic design entails communicating messages using visual elements to specific target groups. Thus, logo design is essential for businesses, as it helps customers identify with your brand. 

A good logo communicates without words and connects with your customers on a deeper, psychological level. For this reason, designers often take time to come up with unique logos. One of the secrets is using the golden ratio in designing logos. Besides logos, SaaS web design companies can incorporate the ratio into the text hierarchy and layouts. 

Read on and find out the secret behind the golden ratio used in logo design.

What Is the Golden Ratio?

Sometimes people deeply appreciate art and don’t even understand why it touches the strings of their hearts so profoundly. The concept behind such impressive artworks is the golden ratio concept.

If a logo or artwork has a pleasant outlook, the chances are high that the designer or artist incorporated the golden ratio in the design. The latter is a math formula that makes designs appear harmonious and eye-catching.

Usually, this number is determined by the ratio of 1: 1.618.

The number is a result of the Fibonacci sequence and can be frequently found in nature. You can notice this proportion in flowers, shells, and the ocean. Even pineapples follow this ratio in their size and shape. Thus, the golden ratio is a natural occurrence, and ancient creatives discovered and applied the concept in art. 

As you can see, the golden ratio has been used since immemorial. Still, it is widely applicable in modern artworks and web design. Let’s have a closer look at what it is and how it works in the logo design industry. 


How to Use Golden Ratio in Logo Design? 

You might be wondering how you can apply math in logo design. Having a simple yet well-thought-out logo is critical to your brand identity. It ensures your customers understand the message you are conveying. An effective logo communicates an organization’s values and vision through organized design elements and appropriate colors. Besides, it should be quickly identifiable and pleasing to the eye; you typically have only a couple of seconds to leave a lasting visual impression on the users. 

Many companies prefer to adopt the golden number when designing their logos to achieve this effect. Don’t let the numbers scare you. Understanding that the ratio plays an integral role in designing impressive logos is essential. One way of applying this ratio is to measure the proportions of your design elements. Let’s explore how it works in more detail. 

Use of shapes 

Shapes are common in design, and they set the right framework. Draw the shape – either circle or rectangle – on the artboard to guide you during the initial phase. But avoid scaling to maintain the sizes.

Use of Proportions

Identify the logo dimensions and divide them into several parts. Ensure the overall proportions are harmonious. 

Use of Placement

You can use the shapes to place your design elements. It helps you to have a definite design structure. Create your logo within the shape to create a harmonious look. This will guarantee an appealing look that will please your customers. 

If you use numbers to design your logo, you can be sure of creating a distinctive logo that will attract people’s attention and admiration. The right proportions and placements create a perfect visual balance and beautiful design. That is why most consumers never shift from a particular brand because of the subconscious connection.  

Types of Logo Designs Using the Golden Ratio 

Let us explore how you can apply this concept to create top-tier logos.


Logo design is not about images alone but also text placement. Many companies use words or letters as their logos, and it comes out perfectly. Expert designers know how to play with the font size, style, or color to create brilliant designs. 

The Fibonacci sequence also applies to logos when incorporating text in the design. You can attain a visual contrast using the right font size and position. Other options include adjusting the cape height or the lead space.

Image Balance

An excellent logo has a perfect visual balance. An illustrative example of such a logo is the one of Toyota. 


With the rising online marketing industry, you need to stand out from the competition. Research says that most people judge a company’s logo within a few seconds of viewing it, so if you design a unique logo with an impressive layout and overall structure, your chances of grabbing the clients’ attention increase.  

Popular Logo Brands with Golden Ratio

Many large corporations have attention-grabbing logos. They hire the best experts in the industry to create exceptional work. Let us look at the big brands that use this math principle on their logo. 


The tech giant has a simple logo design of a bird. When you draw perfect circles on the logo, you will realize that it follows the golden ratio proportions. Many users identify with the bird without any text or other prompts. The Twitter logo is appealing and connects with the users easily. 

National Geographic

You might think that the experts behind the National Geographic logo did not put much effort into it. On the flip side, it follows the golden ratio once you look closely at the internal frame. It is a classic example of the use of shapes to achieve harmony. 


The company’s apple is another simple logo design example that has garnered global recognition. Its logo is a half-bitten apple, which is a symbol of knowledge. It looks pretty simple at first glance, but in fact, the logo has a complicated grid that follows the golden ratio. 


This logo is circular with red, white, and blue colors. It also seems like a simple logo, but you will find the golden ratio in it if you analyze it deeply. 


If you want an impactful logo, use the golden ratio to capture the viewers. Avoid amateur graphic designers unaware of this rule because you may compromise your entire brand’s impact. Hire an expert to help you make the best out of this golden number and develop an eye-catching logo.

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