There are multiple reasons behind Smoking Paper becoming such a well-recognized brand in so many countries, with several of these related to the art, fashion, and style around smoking.

This is due to the brand investing a lot of its time, dedication, and resources into establishing strong bonds with artists worldwide, highly valuing the style and personality that the brand conveys, all based on artistic creativity.

So much so that Smoking Paper has received numerous accolades, both for the style of its new e-commerce store and for the initiatives it has played a part in to draw attention to different recognized artists from various genres.

The growth of Smoking Paper as a brand

As you can imagine, Smoking Paper continues to be largely recognized as a rolling paper brand. Its investment in its product range never stops, and today it proudly offers a wide variety of options for all smokers.

It has also enjoyed a natural evolution, which has led to more sustainable products, adapting our models and materials to the needs of our customers while also sticking to our mission to reduce our carbon footprint.

This has meant that the brand’s style has become sustainable, respecting the environment and creating awareness to help build a healthier world. Undoubtedly, this meant a lot of praise from Smoking Paper and incentivized the brand’s communities to take action.

One of its most significant environmental initiatives is Roll with Green, which has led to over 167,000 trees being planted.

Smoking Paper’s style throughout its product range

Regarding Smoking Paper’s branding style, we must pay close attention to its artistic flair. As a starting point, we must consider what the company puts into its public image.

Its unique and characteristic style can be seen in all of its accessories. Grinders, trays, fanny packs, and even skateboards are all available on its online store, all noted for their quality and unique artistic style.

Unique takes on adapted classic works of art, illustrations for different times of the year, like summer vacations or alternative logo versions, and Smoking Paper products are all available throughout its product range. They are a huge attraction for collectors, especially the brand’s supporters.

The Smoking Paper style is strengthened even more with its large selection of stylish apparel. The brand offers hoodies, t-shirts, socks, and caps; all embody the company’s creativity with some truly eye-catching designs. It also stays true to its sustainability values with these creations, with all the clothing made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, and gender-neutral.

Artistic references for the Smoking paper

Opinions about Smoking Paper also reflect on the artistic inspiration of its unique style.

In fact, on its website, there is a specific section named “Our Creators,” directly focused on artists. It is a place for anyone and everyone. Artwork, illustrations, designs, music, and even skating. This section highlights the emerging talent and selects specific pieces from its community so that users can discover their work, reference them, and share them with their followers.

With this in mind, Smoking Paper has also led successful international artistic initiatives. One of its latest initiatives was with the artist Cráneo.

The idea was to create a LoFi-style collaboration with artists worldwide for a compilation created directly by Cráneo. The result is a 1-hour session full of this music genre’s best beats for the whole Smoking Paper community to enjoy, and it already has thousands of views on YouTube.

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