World of Warcraft offers a variety of classes but Rogue still remains to be a favorite for many. Here’s how you can unleash the full potential of the Rogue class in WoW!

Rogues prefer to use their Deception, Assassination, and Subtlety talents rather than face-to-face combat. As a Class, they are one of only two that can use Stealth; the other being Druids, of course. Many Players find Rogues alluring because of their ability to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies and unleash lethal openers.

By doing so, they are able to sneak past monsters and finish quests that would be very tough or take a long time otherwise. A Rogues’ advantage in Open World PvP is because Stealth allows them to control the terms of combat. Their low Armor and Health values and lack of self-healing powers mean that if they are the ones jumped, they may be easily overpowered unless they are skilled enough to utilize tools like Crowd Control and Survivability right enough.

Experiential Rogues are incredibly dangerous in 1v1 situations because of their mastery of abilities like Vanish, Blind, Gouge, and Kidney Shot. Even if they are attacked unexpectedly, these abilities allow them to reset and re-engage on their own terms and then control the encounter with deadly precision. Rogues, with their Sap, Blind, Cheap Shot, Kidney Shot, and Gouge abilities, can CC their PvP target for over 30 seconds without issue.

Though they benefit from Stealth and have excellent CC, Rogues have some difficulty scaling up. Inability to effectively offset incoming damage, a dearth of Healing skills, and a generally low level of mobility all contribute to this. Rogue leveling requires a significant amount of time spent eating and moving between sites. Furthermore, despite their decent Single Target DPS across all Level ranges, they have almost no AoE capabilities, making them a liability in 1vX PvE battles.

These shortcomings hold Rogues in check throughout their single leveling adventure, but they don’t have a major impact on the End-Game. Rogues are the greatest pure DPS PvE class in the game and can humiliate opponents in PvP when flown with a certain amount of skill and expertise. In terms of gameplay, the Rogue is one of the most rewarding, complex, and difficult-to-learn classes in PvP.

How to Level up Rogue Class Efficiently

Leveling up Rogue Class in the world of warcraft is not an easy task, you have to pre-plan your moves and strategies to better utilize the power of your rogue class. So here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks that will help you level up faster and more efficiently in the world of warcraft.

Poison 101

The very first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t be using much deadly poison. In spite of its potency, Deadly Poison’s potency is squandered since it takes so long to build up, which is not a very efficient way. Instead, you should be using instant poison for both of your PvE weapons. You can also use the crippling poison, which is a much better choice for PvE.

Don’t Overspend your Gold

The most common mistake that a lot of beginners make is overspending their wow gold or money. Ideally, you shouldn’t need to utilize any money from the Auction House to advance through the stages. When it comes to skills, it’s best to stick to the basics when it comes to instruction from instructors. This gold that you are saving can and will be helpful to you in the future as you progress through the game.

You should keep track of how much Damage your Eviscerate does with varying CP values and use it promptly when the mob’s Health drops low enough for one Eviscerate to kill it, mostly around 20-25 percent. If you do this, the amount of energy you spend on every mob kill will decrease, allowing you to start the following battle with more Energy without having to take any time off.

Keep your Weapon updated

The other thing that you definitely need to keep in mind is that a weapon is one of the most essential parts of your character build. Meaning that a large portion of your damage comes from your weapon. So you have to make sure that your weapons are always updated. This also applies to many other wow items that are essential for your survival.

Make the most of your Pick-Pocketing skill

Humanoid foes have a startling amount of cash stashed away in their personas. If you’re grinding for experience, you may wish to focus on areas with Humanoid foes. Keep in mind that Sap, unless you’re gifted, will cause you to lose your stealth.

If you’re coming from the retail version of the game or have played any expansion after Vanilla, it’s easy to forget about this. At lower levels, lurking around and employing an opener ability is more efficient than using Sinister Strike to start encounters.

I hope this guide will give you enough insight into the Rogue class to help make your decisions more wisely. Rogue is one of my favorite classes in world of warcraft and it’s pretty interesting to see what this class is capable of.

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