The gaming scene has been experiencing lovely growth since Covid made its appearance. Instead of going to festivals, shows, clubs, or bars, most people were tied to their homes with their contacts being cut down to a necessary minimum. We have been having more free time than ever before – and, hopefully, ever again.

The circumstances made many of us find new hobbies. While some starting Netflix marathons, others started being into crafts like knitting or crocheting. But there was also a huge amount of people, who (re-) discovered their passion for gaming. At the same time, passionate gamers finally had the opportunity to spend even more time in front of a screen. Those developments caused the gaming market to boom. For this article, we have gathered the types of games, which have become even more popular in the past months.


Even though we shouldn´t lump gaming and gambling together, we feel that it´s important to mention the gambling scene as well. Why? Because some people don´t gamble for the money, but rather for mere enjoyment. Volatile slots and exciting table games do have a certain charm to them, which is why Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette have been celebrating a huge comeback in the past months.

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How to Gamble

Gambling is always linked to a certain risk of losing real money, as you usually put in a deposit. But the best online casinos offer generous welcome bonuses to new clients. A welcome bonus normally includes a bonus on your deposit as well as a fair number of free spins with cool slots. That way, you get to know the casino and its games while reducing the risk of loss, as the online casinos top up your initial deposit.

Sex Games

Sex sells. And the porn industry has probably never experienced such a big success as within the past two years. One-night stands and other wild adventures had to be cut down to a minimum, which is why many people have been spending their evenings alone. While porn movies may be popular in general, the focus has shifted to more interactive business branches during the crisis. And that makes sense given the fact that most singles didn´t just lack sexual satisfaction, but companionship as well.

That´s why sex games are booming at the moment. But what exactly do you do in a sex game? Of course, playing a porn game is far from a true cybersex experience. But maneuvering your protagonist through different missions only to earn a hot reward can be a lot of fun. To some people, sex games are nothing but computer games. To others, they´re foreplay – either preparing them for some sweet loving with their significant other or for some solo play.

Video Games

Video games are the heart of the gaming industry. They´re most certainly the most elaborate and challenging games around. Due to quality issues, most high-end video games are played on a game console – the most popular ones being the PC, the Xbox, the Playstation, and the Nintendo Switch. Hooked up to a big screen, games like Minecraft or COD bring so much adrenaline and fun to gamers. There are still many people, who don´t see why, but if you´ve ever experienced a great video game using a high-end console, you´ll understand what we´re talking about here.

The amount of sales has risen within the past two years, mainly because many bought one in order to pass some time. Apparently, former passionate gamers, who´d renounced their temptation by selling a console before, decided that it was time to resume their hobby. The following genres are the most popular ones:

·         Simulations games like Sims

·         Sandbox Games like Elite

·         Real-time strategy (RTS) like Warcraft

·         FPS and TPS shooters like Halo (FPS) or Gears of War (TPS)

·         MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Room) like League of Legends

·         Various types of role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons or Fallout

·         Virtual sports like Forza Motorsport

·         Adventure games like Assassin´s Creed

·         Survival Horror like Resident Evil

·         Platformers like Cuphead

Development of the Video Gaming Industry

When the first Playstation came out in the year of 1994, people were fascinated by its great graphics and by its high technical standard. Compared to modern-day games consoles, the Playstations really seems like a relic from another era. So much development has taken place in the gaming industry, and the games are becoming better and better with every year passing. 3D, sound quality, graphics, and complexity – those are the categories, where games see the biggest change. Because of that, video games are very entertaining.

Quizzes and Riddles

Brain jogging is for elderly people only? Far wrong. Games like Sudoku, crosswords, online chess, and other types of quizzes have experienced a revival, and many of the users are young or middle-aged people. The lack of mental stimulus during the pandemic may be one of the biggest reasons for that development. While those types of games used to be played in newspapers or puzzle books years ago, you can use the PC or your smartphone in order to solve exciting riddles today. There are different apps for that, but some people prefer to play online.

Online Party Games

What do you do in times of a pandemic when you cannot be around your friends and family? You create a framework that comes very close to meeting up with your loved ones. Games nights have always been popular, and can now even be pulled through online. Gamers may frown upon the category of board games, but they are indeed a point of contact for those, who might have never considered playing games on a console, on their phone, or the computer.