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If you are a serious gamer, you would want to gain a benefit across the battlefield within a fantasy land or throughout the universe.  There is hardly anything more exciting and entertaining than bumping up those online scores and having bragging rights among friends. But on the other hand, there is nothing worse than a headset that fails to perform after wearing it for a while. How well the headphone performs determines your online gaming experience. So, always buy the right headset which is durable, ultra-comfortable, and of high quality. 

When you buy a headset, you have a choice of Astros headset that can be combined with an immersive auto gameplay experience. Buy it to make your online gaming experience more thrilling and exciting. 

Find below a few checklists to pick an amazing Gaming Headset. 

A Comfortable Headset 

Hardcore gaming professionals give comfortable headsets the priority. They look for a device that is designed with both gaming enthusiasts and gaming professionals in mind. Consider how ‘over-the-ear headphones contribute to improving every aspect of the online gaming experience. A bad fit can be physically painful if you use them for a long time. Sweat, heat, and friction can build up over time.  So, you can’t give all your focus to fragging. 

It is good to choose a headset that is designed with both gaming enthusiasts and hardcore gaming professionals in mind. Take care of its weight. It shouldn’t be too heavy to use for a long period. Even a little extra weight in the wrong spot can give you neck pains. In addition, a minor pressure in the band can cause sore ears or full-on headaches.

Weight & Ear Cups of Headsets

Gaming headsets are made of different materials – from minimalistic headsets with lightweight aluminum parts to bulky plastic headsets with notable designs. To be precise, a qualitative, lighter model will be more expensive than the heavier ones. If you use your headset for a longer time, choose the lighter. It is the best bet. 

In addition, consider the ear cups of the model, especially the shape, material, and open or closed design. Choose round-on-ear ear cups if you want to own a compact gaming headset because you have small ears. On the other hand, a set of oval over-ear ear cups are a big plus for gamers with prominent ears and a larger head. 

Surround Sound

Surround sound is fairly a very common feature in gaming headsets. It is pretty important depending on the style of game you play. Not to be confused with 3D sound, surround sound offers up to a 360-degree soundscape. Headphones with this sound have multiple speakers covering each ear. It is a must if you are one of the millions playing Fortnite (an online video game). Pick surround sound headphones if you want to enjoy watching movies or listening to music with 3D quality sound. 

Bluetooth or No Bluetooth

Only because you have selected a wireless headphone doesn’t mean it has the Bluetooth connection feature. There are wireless many gaming headsets, but they don’t actually have traditional Bluetooth connectivity features. It means you cannot connect them to your PC or smartphone via Bluetooth but through a dongle. Also, you cannot connect them to phones or other devices without USB ports. This is a massive drawback, especially if you’re looking out for the most flexibility, isn’t it? 

It’s nothing to worry too much at all if you’re just going to get a headset to play a game at your desk. But, if you have to choose between headsets you like equally, going for the Bluetooth option is a wise decision. Though it may not be important for you, it will pay off in terms of versatility. 


When shopping around for headphones, do look at the mic. If you’re a beginner, avoid getting too attached to finding a recording quality. Mics of gaming headsets often toil in the bass range of the frequency spectrum. It makes people with particularly deep voices sound a little like they’re coming through a tin can. Also, these mics do not receive enough power through their given connection whether it is a 3.5mm or USB – it means you may sound a little quiet. 

If you want to buy a headphone with a mic, look at one with a detachable microphone. If you’re a gamer who plays games at home, that’s less important, but make sure the microphone is easy to handle —even adjusting your mic by an inch can create a massive change in call quality.

Noise Canceling & Mute Functions

For enhanced communication with your teammates and friends, consider noise-canceling and mute function features. With the noise-canceling feature, your voice will be loud and clear. Your teammates will not hear any background sound. In addition, mute functions allow you to deactivate the microphone to answer a call or to talk to somebody in person.


Finding a decent gaming headset at a decent price is not difficult. While shopping for gaming headphones, it doesn’t matter what level of gamer you are. You must have a model that can take you to the next level. Whenever you stand in the spectrum of gaming experience, your choice for Astro headsets will provide you with exactly what you need for honing your skills and outmatching any opponent. The Astro products are made for gaming enthusiasts and hardcore gaming professionals. 

Anyway, while choosing a headset, consider audio quality, Bluetooth, costs, mic, and weight.

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