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Last year, bitcoin reached a value of more than $60,000, and that is where we can consider it the most popular crypto coin all over the world. The craze of bitcoin is reaching every corner of the world, and people are using it to make purchases in daily life. However, bitcoin can be used better and for better things if people are pretty aware of things they can do. Yes, mostly come on the first preference of people after buying a bitcoin is to reinvest it into the market to make a profit, but that is not the game for everyone. Many people also look forward to purchasing something using bitcoins to experience how cryptocurrencies work in their daily lives through So, today, we will be enlightening you regarding some of the things that you can purchase using cryptocurrencies to have your first experience.

An ounce of gold

Like any other commodity, the prices of gold keep on fluctuating all the time. But, it is a commodity that is a little stable compared to the cryptocurrencies, and therefore, putting your money into it can be a good idea. But, if you are willing to purchase gold, you can also do so using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Today, we are looking forward to getting an evaluation of a bitcoin. Therefore, we will be enlightening you that you can purchase 1 ounce of gold with the help of one bitcoin. So, regardless of the punctuations of the market, cryptocurrencies can provide you with a significant portion of gold, which is quite a fluctuating asset in itself.

67.9 ETH

The other most popular crypto coin worldwide that you will see on the cryptocurrency charts is the ETH. It is a cryptocurrency that stands right next to the crypto bitcoin, and therefore if you want to purchase it, you can do so with the help of BTC. Today, as per the valuation of bitcoin in the round figure, you can purchase almost 67.9 ETH. It will be an incredible experience to purchase one cryptocurrency in exchange for another, so you should go for it. However, regardless of the amount you are investing in the BTC, you should try it with 1BTC because you should never be standing in a position where you regret your decision.

77,431 hours of Netflix

Entertainment is a part of everyone’s life, and therefore, you would have considered purchasing a Netflix subscription sometime. Well, now you can do so with the help of bitcoins. Yes, you can purchase a Netflix subscription, and if we go into the hours, we can calculate that 77,431 hours can be purchased with one bitcoin today. The bitcoin valuation nowadays stands around $40,000, and therefore, it is equivalent to the above-mentioned hours of Netflix subscription. If you cannot see the OTT platforms, perhaps it is the right opportunity to purchase because you would use Netflix for the rest of your life. Therefore, purchasing an OTT subscription with bitcoin will be an excellent experience.

Flight across the world

Traveling is an integral part of everyone’s life, and therefore, you can also purchase a ticket to it with the help of bitcoins. Yes, however, today, we are evaluating how much you can purchase with the help of one bitcoin, and a total of applied across the world can be purchased using the crypto coins. But, the valuation of one bitcoin is around $40,000, which will cost you a flight around the world. So, if you are planning further to have a world tour, perhaps it is the right time because bitcoin can give you a ticket around the world.

So much pizza

The first purchase ever made with the bitcoin was for a pizza, but the valuation back then was relatively high. So, today, you will buy a lot of pizza using the bitcoin that you might have in your wallet. With one bitcoin, you will buy all the pizza for the rest of your life. Yes, you read it entirely right. You would not find anything left with one bitcoin for the lifetime of pizza delivery at your home.

Four hoverboards

Hoverboards are also quite a thing that you can purchase using cryptocurrencies nowadays. But, if we look at bitcoin as a cryptocurrency, we will find that hoverboards can be purchased using the 1 BTC, which is an incredible thing.

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