TikTok announced an update in its Series subscription feature, saying it is now expanding it to more creators.

TikTok has always been an ideal platform for creators to endorse their brands and products and make partnerships with businesses and companies. However, the ByteDance-owned company wants to offer more ways its users can earn on its platform by opening its Series feature.

Series started in March, but its initial release was limited to a few creators. Nonetheless, this expansion will bring the feature to more users “in select regions” who meet certain requirements, including a certain minimum number of followers.

“Beginning June 6, 2023, creators in select regions who are 18 years or older, have an account that is at least 30 days old with at least 10K followers, have posted more than three public videos in the last 30 days, and have at least 1K authentic video views in the last 30 days, are eligible to join Series,” TikTok wrote in its updated document. “Creators with less than 10K followers but meet the above requirements can apply by providing a link to premium content they’ve previously sold on other platforms via the Creator Center in the TikTok app. Application does not guarantee access.”

The paywall feature is similar to what other platforms offer, wherein followers must pay to access exclusive content from certain creators. In Series, creators can charge between $1 and $190. According to TikTok, creators can include up to 80 videos in a single Series, with each video up to 20 minutes long.

However, while the expansion is good news for creators hoping to try Series, TikTok’s support document still indicates the feature is still “currently available to select eligible creators by invitation only.” No other information about the specific countries or regions where the feature is being expanded is included. Moreover, it is important to note that while creators have the liberty to determine the pricing of their exclusive Series content, TikTok will make deductions to the creator’s earnings. According to TikTok’s document, some of these deductions could include processing fees by app stores, service fees being charged to TikTok viewers, applicable taxes, and refunds paid to viewers.

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