Tired of Waiting, Elden Ring Fans Create Their Own Game

Elden Ring was initially announced during E3 2019, and one year later we still haven’t heard any updates regarding the game. At this point, fans are tired of waiting and have decided to take things into their own hands.

Back in 2019, u/stray_demon posted on Reddit that they plan on drawing Elden Ring fake bosses until the gameplay trailer gets released. This kickstarted the trend where fans create fake lore for the game.

Now that it’s 2020 and FromSoftware is still radio silent, they have decided to join forces to create a playable demo based on the fake lore they’ve accumulated as well as what they want to see when the game does get released.

Who wants to join and make a Fake Lore game? from Eldenring

After that post on Reddit by SpriteBlood, fans have gathered together to pitch in, which led to the creation of the demo. They contributed voice acting, music, sound design, and other necessities to help with the demo’s development. You can check out the gameplay of the demo below:

The fans have also created a Discord server, which is where they put their heads together to discuss the details and design elements of the game. Fans are encouraged to contribute ideas and content as much as possible.

It’s an impressive collaboration between fans, as the Discord server has designated channels for lore, scriptwriting, concept art, and more.

That being said, the fans aren’t quite sure what to do once more information on the Elden Ring will be released. Of course, they can’t continue using the same name for their demo since that will result in a legal dispute.

They do have the option to just rename the demo, though, and keep developing the game. After all, it would be such a waste since they already have a lot of original content. Who knows, it could lead to great things in the future.

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