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Lost your gas, tax, taxi, restaurant bill receipts, and other receipts you have? Worry no more because there are fake receipt generator apps that can help you make professional-looking receipts similar to the original copy. Many fake receipt generator sites are available online to get the exact same receipt you lost or are looking for. These fake receipt makers are free, so you do not have to pay and do not need to download or install any software on your computer or devices. You heard that right, so read on. 

Previously, you have learned about receipt generators for specific purposes or various brands. This time, we are going to talk about these receipt generators in general. So here are not 10 but 15 of the best fake receipt generator apps for 2022. 

1. ExpressExpense

ExpressExpense is a receipt maker that lets you create receipts for any purpose. There are several templates for different receipt types on this website. You can select any template according to your needs and develop an awesome custom receipt where you just need to fill the information asked in the blank spaces. Using ExpenseExpense, you can also set your company or store logo on the website. 

2. Invoice Home

This is another great premium invoice generator tool online with receipts available in high quality. You can find several types of templates for your invoice. Simply select what you prefer and fill in the information asked in the form. Then, tap the invoice generator button. You are all set to generate your invoice receipt via email with this tool. 

3. lets you create high-quality, custom receipt styles for different purposes, such as receipts for restaurants, generic receipts, fuel receipts, taxi receipts, and so much more. There are different types of templates too. You just need to fill in the information from your end. This is your all-in-one receipt generator you should not miss. 

4. Invoice Generator

What’s in a name? Invoice Generator may have been named simply and generally, and this does not fail when providing you with invoice generation processes. Visit the website, upload your logo, fill in the invoice details, and see your invoice generated. Tap the download button, and your invoice is ready for use. 

5. Need Receipt

Need Receipt is a fake receipt generator that lets you create itemized designs for a wide array of vendors, from restaurants to retail shops and so much more. It is an excellent tool for creating your receipts online using its simple interface. When you visit this website, you will see details about your receipt and a preview of it. On the right side, fill in the information you want to be included in your receipt, and your fake receipt is ready for use. It has got a fantastic UI.  

6. pdfFiller

pdfFiller is among the best websites when you need to create fake receipts, for instance, ATM receipts. Upon visiting the website, you will see details of the receipt. You just need to fill in the information, and on the right side, you will see a preview of your receipt. If everything looks alright, print it, and you can start to use the receipt. The website also provides a lot of entertainment wherein you can see funny pictures and different kinds of memes. You can also create one for yourself and share it with others. Sounds good? Get started today. 

7. Free Invoice Creator

Free Invoice Creator is available for free. You can use this tool to create professional-looking receipts. The efforts are minimal as this tool’s processes are fast and easy. It also comes with guidelines, so you will never find it difficult to create your invoices. You may also send the invoices through email, and there is the option to save your generated invoice in PDF format.


There are over 200,000 templates at You can create a custom receipt simply by filling in the details and hitting the make receipt button. Your receipt is ready for use. Visit the website now.

9. Free Invoice Maker

This is another excellent invoice receipt generator tool online. You can generate a receipt directly, see a preview, and then publish the official receipt. You can also receive this receipt you created. Just tap the email button, fill in your email address, and then hit the send button. Check your email address. You receive your custom invoice receipt there from one of the best invoice receipt generators online.

10. Invoice Simple

With Invoice Simple, you can send professional invoices from your phone or laptop. It is the simplest invoicing software you will ever use. Visit the website, fill in the spaces with the details, and generate the receipt. 


This free receipt or invoice generator not only allows you to generate excellent receipts but also lets you share these online effectively. Moreover, it also has a library consisting of contracts, business documents, templates, agreements, and so much more. You can easily create several invoices in no time with the help of this platform that offers a clean user experience. You can effortlessly get your work done in a neat and organized fashion, very ideal for different business purposes.

12. Custom Receipt Maker

One of the biggest benefits of this tool is that you can create receipts online without paying a single dime. You can type in the needed information and click on the “Make the receipt” option, and that is it. You can acquire your receipt without even signing in. You can either mention the prices in dollars or non-dollar amounts. This tool is free and easy to use. 

13. invoicely

invoicely is free online invoicing for small businesses. In here, you can create and send invoices and estimates, track time and expenses, and accept online payments. Several templates are available from where you can create an unlimited number of receipts. Everything happens so fast that you just need to fill in the information, and the website will work in real-time. You can download your file in PDF version. 

14. Online Receipt Maker

Another great option on our list of the best receipt maker tools online is Online Receipt Maker. This tool is quite simple to use and very reliable. Go ahead and create fake custom receipts effortlessly using this popular Internet tool that likewise offers you a detailed procedure of the various steps you need to follow while creating one. One of the best parts of using this tool is that it lets you add unlimited amounts of items to your receipt without any restrictions. Try it now. 

15. Invoice Ape

Cloud-based, Invoice Ape is available for free with a whole range of features to create attractive invoices. There are several templates to choose from and from where you can design the invoices. You can even customize the receipts, adding themes, colors, and so much more. Create professional-looking receipts using this tool. Try all the features, and you will be amazed by how the tool works. You will love and appreciate the results. 

Without a doubt, generating fake receipts as you need them is now easier than ever with these receipt generator apps. Feel free to try the apps you have learned about above, and feel free to share this article around. 

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