In 2021, NFT Metaverses were by far the hottest craze in the gaming globe. The meteoric rise of games like Axie Infinity, which has sold over $3 billion in NFTs, appears to herald the start of a new era in which gaming meets crypto — and players can finally enjoy incredible benefits for their abilities.

The benefits of NFTs for gaming are enormous:

  • They convert in-game assets (such as characters, clothes, and weaponry) into unique and valuable crypto tokens that can be exchanged and collected for profit.
  • The Play to Receive (P2E) concept allows the most talented games to earn NFT prizes for gaming performance and victories – a first in global gaming history.
  • They constitute an unusual and very appealing asset class for investors, who can profit financially from the expansion of the most successful gaming ecosystems as well as the inherent novelty of each NFT.

Edensol, a new game, is about to take the sector by storm. Edensol, the ultimate action role-playing NFT game developed by Golem House, is built on the highly versatile and strong Solana Blockchain. While new NFT games are being produced in increasing quantities, the Golem House team created Edensol to stand out in the space due to its long-term growth potential and great gamer experience. The evident truth is that, while the NFT advantage is tremendous, it will only propel a gaming Metaverse to worldwide success if the gameplay is engaging and addictive.


As a result, Edensol delivers to the space an exciting blend of fantasy, action, competitiveness, and unrivaled rewards:

Extraordinary Gameplay

Edensol is captivating as well as competitive. Players can choose to play one of three different Heroes (Warriors, Rangers, or Mages) who combat Monsters on epic journeys. Alternatively, they can opt to fight other Heroes one-on-one to determine who is truly the greatest — and who will get a bounty of NFT and NSOL token rewards.

Valuable NFTs

Edensol was created with the goal of making all in-game NFTs uncomfortably original, valuable, and collectible by enthusiasts and investors alike. The variety of possible NFTs is unparalleled: special weapons, enhanced battle gear, limited edition clothes, pets, eggs, and much more. This ensures that all players and NFT collectors will find something they enjoy, while the rarity component fuels the fire of long-term price rises.

An Ecosystem Built for Scalability

Because of its incredible speed (710,000 transactions per second) and transaction fees as low as $0.0001 — essentially nothing – Solana is built to scale. Edensol, which is based on Solana, provides a quick and low-cost option to actively buy and sell NFTs in comparison to the more expensive Ethereum-based alternatives. Furthermore, with the world’s fifth-largest crypto market cap and cross-chain compatibility, Solana enables Edensol’s NFTs to be always liquid.


Epic Tournaments

Tournaments are when Edensol becomes a spectator sport and the ultimate public stage for participants all around the world to compare their skills. Players can freely participate and win prizes such as Edensol’s native cryptocurrency, the ESOL, and a variety of valuable NFTs. Furthermore, eSport fans can stream matches and actively wager on the outcome with ESOL alongside players, thereby increasing the game’s popularity and participation.

Land NFTs and Guilds

Land NFTs are attached to territory within a specific Metaverse, and their value grows and generates passive income as the game attracts more players and NFT investors. Edensol’s globe is separated into land parcels that Guilds can conquer by staking NSOL tokens to occupy land and fight for rare NFTs. Guild members share land income and can go on raids to conquer more land from other Guilds, resulting in the formation of a rich virtual land NFT empire.

The movement and excitement of the NFT metaverses have caught the attention of investors, who are placing large investments in the sector:

  • Sidus Heroes’ IDO raised more than $21 million.
  • In August 2021, gamers invested $203 million in the Ember Sword’s NFT digital land sale.
  • SolChicks, a MOBA game, raised $20 million in a public round of investment in November 2021 at a $400 million valuation.

Edensol is an NFT metaverse that aspires to dominate this new era and become a household name in the gaming, NFT investing, and VC sectors. Investors and gamers may benefit from the game’s enormous growth potential by using its unique gameplay and NFTs.

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