After a dry spell for live poker over the last few years, things appear to be picking up. The Playoff of Poker surpassed all projections last year, and 2022 promises plenty of high-quality event action. In this article, I’ll look at five of the major poker events held in the year 2022. Of course, if they are out of your price range or perhaps too far away, the great news is that there are several minor events and event series available across the country. Even if you don’t aim to compete in one of them, check the latest no deposit casino bonuses in the UK to train a bit more or watch the action with some of the best poker experts in the world. If you enjoy poker, it’s always exciting to witness the greatest players take their seats at the table as they compete for another huge championship.

The PokerStars UK and Ireland Poker Tour

Since its inception in December 2009, the UKIPT has always been the country’s largest televised poker event and the most popular tour. One of PokerStars’ many highly successful tours and unquestionably one of the best-run and most profitable poker tours in the region. It has an elevated reg-to-fish ratio than others, but the large fields provide excellent value.

The Genting Poker Series

While The Genting Poker Series is just a few decades old, it has already wowed and drawn some of the greatest players in UK poker to its tables. A small but well-attended and highly rated series of events in the United Kingdom, including champions such as Julian Thew and contestants such as Ross Boatman.

The Amateur Poker Association and Tour

The APAT, founded in 2006, now has over 20,000 representatives and is Europe’s largest organization for leisure gamblers. The Tour portion of the APAT moniker refers to when they take their performance on the road, with low-cost yet professional events held around the country. The buy-in for last year’s Main Tournament was only £82, but the prize pool was worth £10,000. By the way, besides enjoying a good poker game, you may consider good music too and check Brad Paisley’s World Tour 2022 dates.

The PokerStars European Poker Tour London

The European Poker Tour London Major Event is the largest and most renowned event on this list. It’s not cheap, at £5,300, but there are satellites on PokerStars that will get you there. The mentioned Major Event is only one component of the yearly EPT activities in Britain, as the tour includes hundreds of subsidiary events ranging from £100 to £3,000 in value.

GUKPT London in 2022

Neil Channing, Jeff Kimber, and James Mitchell all have something in common. They’re all extremely talented UK specialists who have placed first or second in a GUKPT competition. The Grosvenor Britain Poker Tour is among the longest-running and most lucrative gambling tours in the UK. Anyone that is in UK poker has participated in these events. The prestigious Grosvenor Poker Tour will have its maiden tournament at The Poker Room in London, UK, from January 27 to February 6, 2022. GUKPT is a prominent series of regional poker events around Great Britain. It is the most well-known and lengthiest poker event in the United Kingdom. Each edition of the GUKPT is featured by a Big Show, with buy-ins ranging from £550 to £3,150. If you’ve needed some live event action and can’t wait much longer, the GUKPT England is a terrific way to kick off the New Year. The buy-in is more affordable, and the grand prize is worth competing for.

Why Should You Attend Poker Events?

Poker Can Teach You a Lot

One of the most advantageous aspects of participating in a poker event is the opportunity to learn a great deal about the game. Playing in these tournaments will allow you to observe how various individuals play and what methods they employ. It can assist you in improving your abilities and becoming a better player. You may gain from other competitors’ blunders, as well as how to analyze the table and determine what cards other participants may hold.

You Can Observe How Experts Play

Competitions provide a wonderful opportunity to put your talents to the try alongside some top participants. You know you are a competent player if you can perform well in a game against high competition. You may also watch professional players play and learn from their methods. It may be an excellent approach to hone your abilities and be a real money casino poker player.

You Can Make New Partners and Discover New Players

Furthermore, competitions provide a wonderful chance to meet new individuals and create friends who have the same interests. Making new acquaintances allows you to exchange tips and techniques while also helping each other enhance your talents. It may be a great deal of fun while also helping you improve as a poker player. Consider participating in a poker event if you want some friendly rivalry and the chance to meet new people and even celebrities like YG! By the way, check YG’s Vegas Robbery Case outcome here.

You Can Win Cash 

You can win a great deal of cash at these tournaments if you play well. And, if you’re just getting started, there’s always the chance to win smaller rewards. Joining an event is a terrific way to generate money while learning the game of poker. Who doesn’t want to win big in each and every poker event? If you would like to place your poker skills to the test in a fun and interesting way, consider joining a poker competition. If you need to put your poker skills to the test in a fun and thrilling way, attend a poker tournament. These competitions have several benefits, including the ability to discover about the game, see expert players perform, meet new friends, and win big money.

Put in the effort

If you want to enhance your competitive poker abilities, it makes sense to participate in a few events – but understand the game through and out before you get started. Make the dedication to play as many events as you can – inside the limits of your available budget – to improve your capacity to assess your rivals, give your best approach, and win money. You can then go from there. While you may desire to participate on a daily or weekly basis, you will most likely be limited by your budget and the opportunity you have available.

However, suppose you are able to participate in a large number of low-stakes tournaments while maintaining your financial health, employment, relationships, and family duties. In that case, you will have the best opportunity of growing your skills and taking your activity to the next level. Setting limitations or restrictions for yourself in terms of how long and cash you’ll devote to playing poker tournaments is critical. You’ll need to moderate yourself if you do not intend to get swayed. You may, for example, elect to participate in one online poker event each week or once a month in a land-based casino. Of course, it is your responsibility to maintain your restrictions, but this is all subset of the dedication that comes with performing this fascinating game — the point is for you to maintain control. 

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