Top 5 Link Building Tips for Travel Sites

One measure of a website’s success is effective link building— especially if you own a travel site.  In fact, a lot of these businesses rely heavily on links to become significant online.

Whether you’re a small time travel site owner or a full-fledged big time one at that, it’s important you know how to build your links strategically. That’s why for this post, I’ll be sharing with you some tips on how exactly you can make this SEO technique work to your advantage.

1. Start from people who know you.

This is a good old trick every travel site owner should know. If you want to build links and build your brand at the same time, it’s always a wise step to use your primary connections first.

If you know of any travel savvy bloggers, ask them if they can write posts about your site and link it back to you. If you have friends who own a budget or even luxurious hotels, see if you can partner with them to strengthen each other’s linking practices.

2. It’s still “quality over quantity.”

Do you know what counts more? Being linked to and from 15 websites that generate high traffic rather than 100 websites that are weak, overly optimized, and probably even illegitimate.

When it comes to building links for your travel site, make sure to associate with only those who put quality content and service ahead and above everything else. So be very careful about who to pick. Take your time researching the best suppliers, hotel review sites, travel forums, and the like.

3. Comment on other blogs.

Another way to practice effective link building is to comment on different blogs. If you see a travel blog that’s reviewing a recent trip to Cambodia, why not acknowledge the post and offer them a trip to your travel site for their next ideal vacation? This can work well with travel forums too, just as long as what you’re saying is significant and within context.

Avoid spamming by repeatedly posting the same comment on various travel topics online. You can be reported, and that would be the last thing you’d ever want to happen.

4. Take a closer look at your content.

Anyone would be very happy to build links with a website that has optimum, quality, and useful content. So before you start inviting people to link with your page, review your content for some time. Are your providing your travelers the best guide you can give? Are you able to accommodate their inquiries? Are your posts engaging, interesting, and tempting?

Quality link building is made up of quality content, so never forget the king of SEO and its significance online.

5. Integrate social media.

Social media has never been such a powerful tool to influence and engage, not until now. This is what makes this tool so useful if you’re trying to develop more links to and from your travel site.

Make your travel reviews, suggestions, images and other posts easily shareable by adding options to “Tweet,” “Pin,” “Share” on Facebook and “g+” for Google+. Imagine just how much engagement and drive-to-site you can get out of it.

Link building practices are not only essential but also beneficial to all travel sites out there. To ensure you’re putting quality above everything else so yours is a site everyone will recommend.

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