Reddit is a network of communities where people can share their interests, hobbies, and passions. Hence it is easy to say that Reddit is a social news website and forum where through voting by members, content is curated socially. The fun fact is that the site name is a wordplay ‘i read it’. It has many forums, ranging from education, sports, technology, art, and even gambling and others as well.

Gambling has a strong foothold, and although gambling is somewhat advertised as a solitary activity, it does not change the fact that most bettors and gamblers are social creatures. Thus, they need to discuss seeking validation and common grounds, this gives them reassurance and a sense of belonging.

These players enjoy discussing strategy, boasting about their winnings, or sharing their mistakes and losses to warn others, some of them share the most profitable ways to win particular games and so on. Hence, a community for gambling is as important as any other community on Reddit, and it not only brings people together, it makes the whole gambling experience more fun.

There are several casino Reddit forums, but we shall look at the top 5 gambling communities on the social platform where like-minded people can share important ideas.

Reddit Horse Racing

This forum is quite specific, and from the name, you understand that horse racing is actively discussed here. In the United States, horse racing is quite a popular sport, and a good number of gamblers bet on the sport. Thus, this Reddit community presents users with an opportunity to discuss different issues related to sports where forum readers discuss current victories and betting mistakes; they discuss the likelihood of future events and so on.

On this subreddit forum, readers discuss current issues, share valuable information, and offer friendly advice that facilitates responsible gambling; interestingly, this is one of the busiest discussion boards among subreddits.

The forum is swarmed with experienced players who communicate strategies. Unlike casino gambling, which is a lonely business, this subreddit group allows for sharing personal stories that will help other players avoid mistakes. This subreddit is mainly for United States bettors. This subreddit helps improve welfare and income through valuable tips.

Reddit Poker

Out of the casino Reddit communities, this subreddit is quite popular. Like in other subreddits, this forum is dedicated to poker only, recent poker stories are shared daily, and every gambler here learns something new about poker betting. This forum is quite active, and some consider it one of the best Reddit gambling communities on the platform.

If you’re a committed poker player, this place should feel like home to you because you will find the best strategies and ideas about poker. You will have the luxury to consult other experts about decisions relating to the game. People bring forward their plans, useful tips, news on tournaments and other events where you can make money, and other life experiences that can guide you. Some players are just here to brag about big wins in many subreddits.

Still, if you’re interested in learning new things about poker, this surely is the best subreddit for it as popular questions are raised, and solutions or answers are provided.

Some of these forums present to you information on the most suitable casinos, such as Captain Cook Casino NZ, that provide some of the best odds in the world. You’ll also find practical sports information on some of these subreddits.

Reddit Roulette

If you are into online gambling, you must have encountered roulette, and you might wonder why people should have a forum for this game. This game’s rarity and controlled number of players is what makes it so unique. Compared to other subreddits, this forum has fewer members, but it is pretty active as users also debate on strategy and tactics.

It is one of the most dedicated online communities, and you can find daily topics on roulette here. If you are into betting on roulette or are curious about learning how the gaming goes, this subreddit will be available to you. The roulette gambling Reddit forum posts stories, and if you are skilled, you can post an article advising other users on how the game works.

Reddit Problem Gambling

Many people have developed one or two problems on this subreddit in sports betting, and you will find stories of people who battle with one or two sports betting issues. This gambling Reddit subreddit provides solutions to problems and provides necessary tools to help its users. This Reddit sports gambling forum guides individuals on a safe and responsible gambling path, in and out of the casino. You will find this subreddit to be warm and accepting.

Reddit BlackJack

Without the inclusion of the subreddit, this list would be incomplete. Interest in blackjack has increased ever since MIT’s infamous team stormed casinos and made big wins. If you regularly check the internet, you will agree that many bettors play blackjack. The need for this forum cannot be overemphasized. Blackjack requires skills and tactics, and as in other subreddits, this subreddit provides its members with useful information about the game. It provides them with an avenue to interact with their ideas.


There are many other subreddits like the Reddit sportsbook, craps, and so on. This shows the diversity of the gambling forum available on the platform, it shows how important and how social gambling is. Therefore, if you are looking for an answer to a gambling question, these Reddit gambling communities will definitely help you.

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