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You might think that cryptocurrencies are traded just like any other stock commodity on wall street, but that is wrong. It would help if you understood that dealing in the stock market and cryptocurrencies is entirely different when participating on Wall Street. Moreover, a few companies are active participants in cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Moreover, they have started to accept bitcoin legally, and they have tie-up with bitcoin firms. So, these companies will shape the future of the work they are doing now. Every company will follow the suit of these multinational companies if they become very successful in the future. However, if they collapse, they will pose an extreme and outstanding example in front of everyone for accepting new technology. Also, it is important to minimize the risk of using bitcoin to know the tips on how to buy bitcoin safely and securely

There are a few multinational companies that deal in cryptocurrency stocks. These companies operate as cryptocurrency exchanges and allow people to get services related to digital tokens. There doesn’t need to be only one cryptocurrency that these companies operate, but there could be many of them. One particular company can be a shareholder of different crypto coins or stablecoins. Regardless of what kind of cryptocurrency of stablecoin a particular company is using, it will be regarded as a company with a tie-up with digital tokens. So, we are going to present a list in front of you of the companies which are nowadays tied up with the bitcoin ecosystem. The bitcoins ecosystem here is referred to as the whole ecosystem of cryptocurrencies for a clear understanding.

1. Micro Strategy Inc.

It is a software company that provides analytics to cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide and services. It has a vast reserve of bitcoins and is considered the most valuable cryptocurrency worldwide. As of February 12, 2022, the bitcoin stock with this company was more than $5.2 billion. It is the largest share of the bitcoin holding company, and therefore, it is the apex company in the ecosystem of all crypto coins.

2. NVIDIA Corp.

And it is a company that deals in providing and producing graphic cards for the computer systems used for gaming. However, in the past years, it has started to deal with modern technology, which is also being used in cryptocurrency mining. Therefore, the processing chip used in cryptocurrency mining computers was developed by this company, and it is a very high energy-intensive company for cryptocurrency mining firms.

3. Marathon Digital Holdings Inc.

Marathon Digital is holding Inc. is a company dependent on bitcoin and an essential holder of the whole bitcoin space. It provides investors with vast exposure to asset diversification by holding a large sum of bitcoin as its results. As per the reports of 2021, the company’s holding was more than $387 million in bitcoins.

4. Block Inc.

Formerly known as Square, block Inc. is a company that provides financial and payment processing services to other companies. It also has developed its payment gateway, but in 2021, it started to shift its preferences towards the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. It has also developed its cash app, which deals in cryptocurrencies only. This company’s bitcoin holding and other digital tokens are evaluated at $317 million in 2021.

5. SilverGate Capital Corp.

This one is among the most significant stockholders of cryptocurrency across the world. It offers an extensive network of payments to the other companies which carry out transactions for the cryptocurrency exchanges. It deals with exchanges, cryptocurrency miners, and investors working on an institutional basis. It deals in providing high services to these other companies involved in the cryptocurrency ecosystem to develop its network.

6. Riot Blockchain Inc.

It is another company that shifted its focus toward cryptocurrency mining in 2020. Earlier, it was a company that provided services to cryptocurrency exchanges, but now, it only deals in cryptocurrency mining operations. The total holding of this company in terms of bitcoin in 2021 was evaluated at 4884 bitcoins, worth $233 million. As per the 2021 reports, this figure has also increased, but the company has not yet disclosed the complete evaluation in terms of bitcoin.

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