Best Daggers To Use In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The tiniest of weapons, but one of the deadliest. Daggers are small, strong weapons that are easy to hide and don’t take up much space. Daggers are a good substitute for those who don’t have the ability to wield swords or need something a little more discreet for their dirty work.

Mages and assassins also use them. As players are already aware, wielding two daggers at the same time offers twice the lethality. You’ve come to the right place if you want to know the various kinds of daggers in Skyrim and want to know which ones you should be looking for. Take a peek at Skyrim’s top ten best daggers!

Valdr’s Lucky Dagger


Valdyr’s lucky dagger, which takes on a Steel Dagger’s appearance despite having low base damage, is an excellent dagger to acquire early on. Players should never use if they have obtained a higher tier dagger, but for a low-level character? It’s definitely fine.

It has a 25% probability to critically hit per blow, but this isn’t considered an enchantment so that players can combine it with something else. It gains 7.5 base damage from the critical blow, making it more powerful than Orcish and even Dwarven daggers!

It’s also really easy to get. Valdr can be found sitting outside Moss Mother Cavern by players. Players must first cure him (a Curing Potion will suffice), in which he will ask them to clean out a very simple cave. Valdr will give this dagger if players make it to the end of the cave.



With a name like this, you know we’re talking business. The Bloodthorn blade is the first and most special blade on this list and one of the most versatile small weapons in Skyrim. If a foe dies within three seconds of being struck by Bloodthorn, the spirit of that foe will move on to fill every empty Soul Gem in the player’s inventory.

The Bloodthorn blade also has a special effect that isn’t included in the description: it consumes each enemy’s health it cuts, making up for its lack of base damage. The sword, on the other hand, is extremely difficult to obtain.

Players must go to Hag’s End, a Nordic tomb, and overcome any obstacles that stand in their path. Bloodthorn is just atop the altar, so shake off any blood stains and pick it up after clearing Hag’s End.



This Dwemer dagger has a wonderful set of advantages in addition to its distinctive appearance. When players land a blow, it will consume ten health, Magika, and stamina! During the quest Arniel’s Endeavor, the dagger can be located in one of eighteen radiant spots.

The only problem is that since the costs with this ability aren’t refilled, it becomes worthless. If players choose to keep the Keening as more than just a pretty-looking knife, they must use it with the Fortify Destruction enchantment on some of their armor to keep the charge from dissipating.

Blade of Woe


While it does not seem to be especially spectacular, the Blade of Woe has 12 base damage. Many Elder Scrolls players are familiar with its name, and it is the easiest highest damage dagger to acquire. There’s also an enchantment that consumes 10 health when players strike an opponent, making it the best overall dagger in the game.

It can be obtained in two ways. The first is to kill Astrid of the Dark Brotherhood and plunder her body. Completing the Death Incarnate quest is the second option. It’s all up to the player which to take.

Glass Dagger


Players can’t help but admire the look of glass items. They’re stunning, and the glass dagger is no different. It’s a good option for Dragonborns who are just getting started in the world, but players should abandon it once they reach a high level because of its low base damage. After reaching level 20, this dagger can be looted or purchased.

Nordic Dagger


After hitting level 26, the stylish Nordic dagger is a versatile sword that can be located in a number of locations in Skyrim. Since the weapon wasn’t initially included in the base edition of the game, it can only appear if the Dragonborn DLC is installed.

Despite the fact that the blade’s base damage is identical to that of other weapons, its rare and stunning forgery makes it one of the most sought-after weapons by experienced assassins.

In the game, the Nordic dagger only has one set spawn location: Hrodulf’s House. The knife can also be found on defeated opponents’ corpses, but players must be level 26 or higher to find it. At level 25, the Nordic dagger can also be found, but it isn’t enchanted.


What does the green symbol next on my shiv mean? : skyrim

The Shiv is the game’s fourth weakest weapon, only ahead of forks and wooden swords in terms of impact. It can’t be upgraded with grindstones, but it can be enchanted! Only by finishing the quest, No One Escapes Cidhna Mine can a player receive a shiv.

By now, everyone’s eyebrows should be lifted as to how the shive ended up on this list. The key explanation is that it has the ability to provide players with an unlimited amount of money! A shiv must be enchanted and put on a dagger stand. The Dragonborn’s enchanted shiv will remain in the inventory, but a new shiv will appear on the shelf. Rinse and repeat until you have an easily sold dagger for limitless gold.

Mehrune’s Razor


On our list of the best daggers in Skyrim, Mehrune’s Razor is probably the most identifiable dagger. It has a grandiose appearance and a strong effect. Aside from 11 base damage, players have a 2% chance of immediately killing opponents if players use the weapon on them. Sure, 2% isn’t always accurate, but if it happens at the right time, it can make all the difference in the world.

When players kill Silus Vesuvius in the Bits of the Past quest, they will obtain this dagger. Players should note that they would not be able to procure Mehrune’s Razor if they want to spare Silus.

Ebony Dagger


Due to their high base damage, ebony daggers are the perfect option for players who are well into their adventures. It’s on the list because it does more harm than any of its counterparts, but it’s not the best dagger in Skyrim. If you read the spoiler, you’ll see that it’s not the easiest to get, and you might end up missing the Ebony version of your favorite weapon type. This weapon can be obtained similarly to the Glass Dagger, except players need to reach level 35.

Alessandra’s Dagger


This dagger has much of the same features as a standard steel dagger, but it is much smaller. Given its single-point weight, Alessandra’s dagger is one of the strongest assassin weapons. Particularly for players who enjoy being nimble.

Alessandra, the owner of this sword, is an Arkay priest who received this dependable companion after completing her aunt’s training. Players can’t take it out of their inventory because it’s a quest item.

Many Skyrim veterans choose not to finish the quest in order to save the sword, which is extremely helpful if the player is thrown in prison – quest items cannot be taken, so players get to keep it even if they’re locked up!

Valdr’s Lucky Dagger


Critical hits inflict additional damage that bypasses armor, making it much easier to knock out opponents. It’s impossible to ignore Valdr’s Lucky Dagger’s strength, which offers players a 25% chance of landing a critical hit with each attack. Particularly when used in tandem with another dagger, such as Mehrune’s Razor.

This dagger is also not difficult to obtain; all players have to assist Valdr in killing a group of spriggans who murdered his friends in Moss Mother Cavern. Valdr will send the dagger to players after they have completed the Hunter and Hunter quest.

Orcish Dagger


Although the Orcish Dagger isn’t one of the best-performing daggers in the game in terms of damage, it’s a good choice for beginners and if they don’t want to rely on a dagger too much in battle.

It’s also very popular, appearing on almost any rookie assassin or robber, and can be purchased from any merchant or blacksmith players come across. If players are up for (another) adventure, they can attempt to obtain the orcish knife stabbed into a skeleton in Labrynthian, provided they can get past the trolls guarding it.

Stalhrim Dagger


You’re saying Ebony daggers have the same base damage as Stalhrim? And, you are right. Stalhrim daggers, on the other hand, are 0.5 lighter than Ebony daggers, giving them the upper hand on this list. While it is strictly arbitrary, Stalhrim daggers tend to be superior to Ebony daggers, which look like sticks. Only the Dragonborn DLC contains the knife, which can be stolen or bought from merchants.

Daedric Dagger


The Daedric dagger is one of the Daedra’s many weapons, but it also serves as a useful tool for those who want to kill quietly. The Daedric dagger is one of the most effective short blades in the game, dealing 11 base damage (among a handful of others at this level).

It has a stunningly malevolent build with a curve capable of slicing through any form of flesh Tamriel has to offer. If players hit level 46, the Dremora Merchant can sell these blades to them. It can also be found as a spontaneous loot drop from dragons and in certain high-level robber dens.

The Daedric dagger is a versatile sword that can be enchanted with a powerful spell to make it one of the better end-game daggers for an assassin to wield.

Borvir’s Dagger


Borvir’s Dagger is part of a canceled questline in the game, but it isn’t especially notable aside from its odd name. Why is it on the list, then? It’s one of the most powerful daggers to obtain at the start of the game, and it requires very little effort. Journeyman’s Nook is where players can find this unique Elven Dagger.

Elven Dagger


If the Orcish Dagger isn’t your kind of blunt knife, aim for an Elven Dagger instead. Given that they are supposedly made only by Summerset Isles’ blacksmiths, they aren’t as famous as the former. This dagger can also be obtained from any merchant or blacksmith players can come across in the game, but what’s the fun in that?

Swiping the Elven Dagger from bandit chiefs in bandit dens is a great way to test a player’s skill and prove they are deserving of the High Elven race’s preferred knife. It’ll most likely be a difficult mission, but it’ll be better than paying for it!

Kahvozein’s Fang


The Fang of Kahvozein is useful, but only for a very particular purpose. Since it’s used to gather dragon heart scales, it’s the only way to finish the Alteration Ritual Spell quest so that any real mage will need this dagger. It’s worth noting that this only happens if the Dragonborn’s right hand is equipped; it’s a strange glitch.

Blade of Sacrifice


The adherents of Boethiah, the Daedric Prince of deception and treachery, wield this uncommon Ebony dagger. It functions normally as an Ebony sword, but it is one of the most stunning and striking weapons of this caliber.

This blade can prove its value in combat as well as in stealth assassination missions, as it has a base damage of ten. During the quest “Boethiah’s Calling,” it can be looted from the bodies of some of Boethiah’s adherents.

This mission must be completed by killing all of the Daedric Prince’s supporters, which means players can get several copies of this dagger if they wish.

Skyforge Steel Dagger


This dagger has a one-of-a-kind style that looks like a miniature blade. It does the same amount of damage as the Elven Dagger and is relatively easy to get. The best way to get the Skyforge Steel Dagger is to hunt down Eourlund Gray-Mane, who will almost probably have it with him, along with a slew of other weapons.

While players can always buy it from Eourlund Gray-Mane, there is always the possibility that players will receive it as a prize from a random quest. There are a lot of Skyforge weapons to find in the game, and the Skyforge Steel Dagger is one of the most reliable weapons at the start.

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