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Now that football betting is gaining momentum due to the punters’ absolute attention on the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022/23, it is really important to make sure that you don’t go about just placing wagers but you do so strategically. In other words, it is -now more than ever – imperative to learn about betting strategies and select the one that suits you more in order to prevent your bankroll from ‘vanishing’ in the light of your excitement and enthusiasm for betting!

Bangladeshi bettors, who have the chance to bet on a bkash betting site, where the bkash payment ensures easier transactions and instant payments, can really benefit from betting ‘wisely’, with the adoption of a consistent, winning, and effective strategy. Let’s see the top four strategies that can help you win in football betting.

Catch-up strategy

The catch-up strategy is a very popular strategy among punters. In its core, it means chasing after losses but in a strategic, systematic manner. Simply described, the catch-up strategy works by increasing the amount of bet after each subsequent bet loss. The amount of the catch-up bet needs to be such that it covers the loss of the previous bet (or bets if there are consecutive losses) so that when a winning bet comes, you ensure that you have recovered your losses and have made a profit.

Fibonacci strategy

This strategy is often criticized, but there are many punters who have actually managed to make a profit by following the Fibonacci sequence. The strategy states that every time you have a lost bet, you need to increase your stake while you need to lessen your stake following a winning bet. It is not as simple as it sounds because there is an entire sequence of doing this. But if you are interested, you can really make this work -at least for short-term profits.

Value betting strategy 

This is actually more of a system or an approach to betting and not so much of a strategy itself, but it has become so popular among punters that it is now considered to be one of the most effective ways to optimize your profitability in sports betting.

Value betting involves shopping around and searching for odds that maximize the ‘value’ of your bet, which gives you an edge over the sportsbook. There are many cases where some events are wrongly or incorrectly valued by online bookmakers, and it is these cases that can lift your bankroll if identified soon enough and leveraged appropriately. For example, if you want to bet on who will win the EPL 2022/23 or whether Arsenal will lift the trophy this season, then you need to shop around and search for incorrect odds to get started.

Kelly strategy (Kelly criterion)

The Kelly strategy or Kelly criterion is also one of the most trusted strategies in sports betting, particularly football betting. This strategy is, in fact, a formula that helps punters decide on the size of their bet (in relation to their bankroll), which will optimize the profits if it is won. The formula takes into account the odds of an event, the probability of losing, and the probability of winning, and in the end, it provides a percentage of your bankroll that you need to place on the given bet.

These are the four most promising sports betting strategies that can help you win in football betting. It is important to remember that there is no recipe for winning; there are only strategies that optimize your chances of winning and that can provide a long-term prospect for profit making.

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